Eliminate "Writer's Block" Forever

Okay here's a tip from a professional.

The real stuff.

I've been writing professionally since I was 15. I'm now 40.

That's a LOT of writing. Including books (fiction and non-fiction), articles (I was a syndicated health columnist and I wrote articles in various styles for many different magazines), sales letters online and offline, ads, reports, information products etc etc etc.

And at the risk of being immodest the quality of my writing is very, very high.

These 2 secrets may surprise or even shock you but I guarantee 100% that they work and they work for everyone - even the lousiest writer in the world with the worst case of writer's block in history.

Secret 1 to writing:

This will sound bad I know but stick with me here...

Take the attitude you're going to write ANY OLD CRAP on the subject that you can come up with.

Whatever you think of - just write it down.

Any old nonsense - GREAT. Just put it on paper (or onto your screen).

A pile of steaming crap no one would ever read?

Not your problem - just write it anyway.

Just fill up pages and pages with any old crap and keep writing straight off the top of your head for as long as you can.

Stop thinking about it and just do it.

Now if you follow secret no 1 you're going to be surprised.

The biggest mistake most writers make is that they confuse the creative process with the critical process.

When you're setting out to write something you're in the creative process.

I've written full books in 7 days.

But that can't happen if you're constantly worrying about how good, bad or accurate what you're writing is.

You're in the creative process.

Let your creative side come out by disengaging your critical process.

If I'm writing any old crap then my critical side has no work to do. I know it's crap already.

After years of writing I began to notice "any old crap" is often pretty good.

I was using sections and pages of non-fiction writing I'd done off the top of my head over and over in other products, articles etc.

That's the first bonus.

A lot of that "any old crap" writing is good! Really good!!

But you might say "What if it's not good? What if any old crap really is crap?!"

And that leads us to secret no 2 - the biggest secret of great writing.

Secret # 2 - Great writing is all about REWRITING.

Once you have something to work with it's really easy to work it over and polish it so it shines.

It is far easier to add to a piece of writing you've already done.

It's far easier to edit writing you've already done so it flows better.

You can even hire an editor to rewrite it for you.

But it's very hard to look at a blank screen and write something brilliant from scratch.

So write any old crap then rewrite it till it sparkles.


Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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