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Before you start building your web page or write a single word for your online sales letter this 59 minute audio and pdf companion report from two of the online world's hottest copywriters is a must-listen.  Includes 11 simple ways to find cashed-up prospects ready to buy on the internet...

2 Four Laws Of Conversion $197-00 Value
Alex Mandossian and Stephen Pierce reveal the four biggest keys to turning your website visitors into cash profits.  This audio with full pdf transcripts is packed with proven tips, tactics and strategies that will revolutionize the way you design your website for maximum sales...

3 Twenty-One Web Copy Secrets $97-00 Value
Alex Mandossian reveals 21 insider secrets he uses online to create powerful online copy and to multiply the sales and profits you can make from every sales and order page you have online.  This exe file comes complete with full transcripts and streaming audio...

4 Email List Building Videos $197-00 Value
This fantastic video course shows you how to build a 50,000 member double opt in list in just 90 days.  Hard-core proven methods from someone who's done it...

5 Autoresponder Magic With Resale Rights $495-00 Value
The "how-to" guide on creating a powerful series of follow up emails. Filled with proven email autoresponder campaigns from the heavy hitters online like Yanik Silver, Declan Dunn and Jim Daniels...

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6 Web Audio Plus Software With Resale Rights $197 Value
Instantly add audio to your site with this software.  No monthly fees and no extra software or programs needed.  This simple to use software is perfect for making short audio clips (complete with html code) to help sell your products or get your visitors to opt in.  And you can use this software on your desktop or laptop computer...

7 Cam Studio Screen Capture Software (Internet Marketers Version) With Resale Rights $29.00 Value
Create your own screen capture videos quickly and easily with this software especially customized for internet marketers from the $300 Camtasia software.  Will convert your screen capture videos with one click into a Flash file you with player you can put straight on your website.  Or you can upload the video to Youtube or other video sites.

8 Skyrocket Your Sales With Website Audio $47-00 Value
Jim Edwards reveals his secret, proven formula for using audio on your site to increase your sales in this excellent 22 minute video...

9 Powerful Free HTML Editor $197-00 Value
Download link to a fantastic html editor (used to create this web page) you can download completely free.  You can pay $395 or more for a high quality html editor like this but I'll show you where to get this software completely free...

10 Order Page Magic With Resale Rights $27-00 Value
This easy-to-use software helps you create order pages with a series of proven selling elements...

11 Thirty-Five Customizable Header Graphics $297-00 Value
Using adobe photoshop software (you can download a free 30 day trial version online) you can customize these professional headers to suit your own websites.  Complete with step-by-step video tutorials and full resale rights!... 

12 Free Web Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth $150+ Value/Year
I'll reveal to you a little known site where you can get ad free, reliable web hosting with unlimited bandwith without paying a penny.  File size is limited to 300kb but with most sales letters you simply don't need files larger than 300kb and you can always host your files on their excellent paid service for as little as $3 a month!

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"It has truly been an explosive call tonight.  I so much enjoyed it and learned so much during the call I wish there were 42 hours in a day instead of 24 so I could implement more of your tips and tricks right away.

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"The call was amazing.  I profess myself to know a little about copywriting (I learned a few things from Michel Fortin) but to have some of these web site development techniques is very beneficial."

"I took 3 pages of notes!  I'm going to be implementing many of the ideas I learned in the call in the next few hours.  Thank you David Andrew, Michel and all others for an informative seminar."

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"Now I really know what to expect and design even before a website is made or produced.  The best teleseminar that I have ever heard this year.  Packed full of information in the 2 hour session."

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"I look forward to learning more from you in the future."

Dr Fern Kazlow - founder Integrative Therapy
and Integrative Action™, NYC, 1981