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3 POWERFUL Secrets Of Online Copy Even The Greatest Marketers Alive Are Neglecting...

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You can experiment and split test a thousand different factors to improve the response from
your online copy but taking a step back and anyalyzing a few key, fundamental areas can
improve your copy, your business profits and client loyalty.

You know what it's like...

You're constantly busy and it's just so easy to get caught up in the details and the nitty gritty of
online marketing and go off on tangents that take you away from critical marketing

If you want to massively increase the bottom line profits of your business in the short and long
term you need to constantly keep your eye on the big picture so you always understand where
all the small pieces fit in and how important or unimportant they are...

Neglected Marketing Fundamental Number One

Online Your OFFER Is Everything...

The first and THE most fundamental key to multiplying your response online is your offer.

Sometimes we need to review all our online copy, all our product offers and all the products we
have in development and ask the fundamental question...

“What Can I GIVE

Your attitude online can either shine online or it can stink.

Either way it really shows to anyone and everyone who visits your website and has any contact
with you.

What happens if you really go out of your way to GIVE to your prospects and clients online?

Giving to your prospects and clients way beyond anything you've done before.
Let me tell you a story.

I did a piece of copy for Michael Senoff at hardtofindseminars.com.

If you don't know Michael he has a site that gives away literally tens of thousands of dollars
worth of high quality audios, transcripts, reports and more completely free.

There's interviews there with Jay Conrad Levinson, Carl Galetti, Brian Keith Voiles and audio
from Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas and John Carlton.

The site is PACKED with high quality stuff you'd pay a FORTUNE for anywhere else.
But on Michael's site it's FREE.

Now the copy I did for Michael was an offer for an hour's worth of marketing consulting PLUS
$700 worth of Jay Abraham tapes or other appropriate marketing materials.

Both for just $700.

As an introductory offer if you qualify you could get the first 15 minutes of consulting free.
Now Michael and I are friends.

We exchange emails regularly.

But immediately after he launched the copy for this offer the steady stream of emails stopped

The phone in his office was ringing off the hook – every man and his dog wanting to take him
up on the consulting offer.

Now why did we settle on the figure of $700 for this offer?

Well I simply asked Michael “What's the average sale from your business?”

The answer: $700.

Think about that for a minute.


“Would You Like An Online Business That Has An Average Sale Of $700?”

Michael also sells products online with prices in the $3,900 even $5,900 range.
Here's the lesson.

Online you can deliver as much digital product as you like FREE or for next to no cost.

You can give your prospects and clients HUGE value.

And if you take the attitude of “What can I give?” then you can have an average sale of $700 or

And regularly sell high ticket items worth THOUSANDS of dollars each.

That leads to the first online copy secret and even the greatest marketers online aren't
capitalizing to the fullest on this secret.

Your offer is EVERYTHING and online you can deliver almost exponentially more value at
minimal cost.

Add value to all the offers you make with a heap of high value targeted, related products
delivered online.

This works in the offline world too...

(Download this full report as a pdf file completely FREE at...

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