How To Make A Great Living As A Writer Fast

On this page I'll reveal the fastest way I know to make an exceptional income as a writer and I'll give you completely free access to a full 48 page report and a 68 minute audio to help you implement this method.

If you're a writer trying to make a living out of your words you know how hard it can be.

I understand where you're coming from. For years I struggled to make money out of this writing gig.

I got paid anywhere from $20 to $500 to write articles.

I had a syndicated column where I was paid my multiple newspapers for the same article.

I wrote books...some published...many unpublished.

I tried fiction, non fiction, business writing, health writing. I did press releases. The list goes on an on.

Trying to make good money is very, very hard as a writer. Competition is fierce and the pay is usually very low.

I know authors who've sold over one million books who still get by on a fairly modest lifestyle compared to many of my business friends.

The dream of the rich author for the average writer is just that...a dream.

But before you get disheartened there are ways to make excellent money out of your writing skills if you can just break out of the mindset of trying to be paid for writing.

Here's what I would do if I was starting out today as a writer and I wanted to make a living out of my craft within 3-6 months or less:

1. Learn how to get a website online.

This is easier today than at any time in history. All you need is a web host and free website editing software like NVU.

2. Learn how to set up an email autoresponder with a service like Aweber.

You want to learn how to morally and ethically capture email addresses and follow up with those email addresses automatically with a series of emails.

Also fairly simple. There's a learning curve but Aweber has step by step videos and great support from real, live people if you have any problems.

3. Learn about how to increase the profits in an offline business with online marketing.

I strongly suggest you read anything from marketing masters Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy to ground yourself in OFFLINE marketing fundamentals.

And devour the ebook Online Gold For The Offline Business which is specifically written to give you a whole range of strategies for combining online AND offline marketing.

4. Approach brick and mortar businesses in your local area and have a casual conversation with them about their online marketing.

Ask them what they're doing and whether they have a website, whether they follow up with their prospects and clients using email etc etc.

I explain how to do this step by step in the report Offline Gold For The Online Marketer.

What you'll find is many of these businesses are very eager to have someone create a website for them or improve their website to make more sales.

Many will also be interested in any system you can devise to help them follow up with their clients by email.

And they'll listen to any suggestions you have to improve their marketing online and offline.

Even if you just master setting up an autoresponder series of emails you could follow the directions in the report From Offline Store Front To Online Gold and help brick and mortar businesses turn their foot traffic into a long term online income.

Here's the good news.

By changing your title from "professional writer" to "online marketing consultant" you can charge business owners in your local area from $500 to $1,500+ often the first time you talk to them.

And most of the work you do will be writing.

Writing the copy for websites, writing email copy, writing lead generating white papers and reports etc etc.

Sure this plan won't suit everybody but if you like the idea of helping small business owners you can get started now and within a few months or as soon as a few days you can be making a great living.

Best of all you don't need to spend a cent to do it.

You can learn all the skills I've listed above online completely free.

You can even get started without buying any of my reports about how to use this Offline Gold strategy.

Just left click on this link and read a full 48 page Offline Gold report completely FREE (your pdf report will open in a new browser window)...
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You can also go to this page and in exchange for your name and email address I will GIVE you a full 68 minute audio on how to make a living talking to business owners in your local area about their online marketing.

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Why would I GIVE you a valuable 48 page Offline Gold report and a valuable 68 minute Offline Gold audio completely free?

It's simple.

I know if this Offline Gold strategy really is right for you you'll see the quality of the information I share and you'll be back to buy my other Offline Gold reports and products:
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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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