How To Avoid Going Broke In Business

The first thing you MUST do when you work in an offline business is find out:

1. Where the profits are being made. Who are your most valuable clients.

2. Where those clients are coming from. What is the process that's getting
them through the front door and spending money?

So many people lose their shirts in business because they have fanciful ideas
about how to "improve" a business when they buy it or how to set up a great
business idea.

Screw that.

ALL business ideas are crap.

Forget about building a business.

Find a hungry market that's easy and economical to get to, find out what they
really want and will pay good money for and offer it to them.

That's how you make money.

And if you're looking at an existing business you'd better find out where that
business' current market is coming from and get to know it and understand
it really fast.

Way back when I was still a young entrepreneur I ran multiple market stalls
(I started with just one).

I noticed that the people who came into those markets with a business idea
and tried to impose that idea on the market usually went broke very fast.

But people who came into the markets who were open and listening to the
potential customers walking through the market and stocking what they were
asking for started to make good money very quickly.

Good business is market driven.

Understand in advance that all your business ideas are crapola until they're
proven in the real world and you'll do pretty well.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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