Free Report Or Paid Report As Lead Generator?

Many successful online marketers use free reports to generate leads they can sell back end products and services to.

I think you should consider though that even if you're making a free report you should put information in there that people would pay for otherwise no one is likely to read it.

And then you have to ask yourself "Will I actually get wider distribution of this report if I charge a nominal price say $7 to $15 and let anyone who sells it get 100% commissions ($7 report style).

Making your prospects pay for a report is probably better marketing and better for the prospects who buy it too.

Let me explain:

When I was actively working as a health writer I wrote several groundbreaking books that I gave away free online.

Some people would buy hard copies of these books off me.

And I noticed after a while that the people who were BUYING the books were getting better, the people who were getting them free were staying sick.

Not only that the people who paid me the most for information...often the same information I was generously giving to others...were the ones who achieved good health the fastest.

And I think it's kind of obvious why.

The people paying the most were more committed.

The problem with giving away products free is that the process of buying is a vital
part of building the value of a product in your prospect's mind.

It starts the process of genuine commitment.

So there are several very good reasons to seriously consider selling a report rather than giving it away free...

1. A paid report with 100% commissions is far more attractive for your affiliates to promote and will attract even more affiliates when the people who buy the report and like it realize they can get 100% commissions.

2. You may be doing the people who read your report a disservice by giving it to them free.

People tend to value information based on how much they pay for it and the sales process is a vital part of building that value too.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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