The Law Of Common Sense Money Making

Here's what I think about the "law of attraction"...

There's some real truth in it but a lot of people turn into blithering idiots after seeing a movie like "The Secret".

Here's the basic law of common sense money making that trumps the law of attraction every time.

If you want to make a lot of money and "attract" a lot of wealth to you, you need to be doing something that can conceivably make you a lot of money.

Working a 9-5 job for $30,000 a year and putting a picture of a Ferrari on your refrigerator just won't do it.

I'll put a picture of this million dollar yacht or Ferrari on my fridge and it will be "drawn to me"...while I go out and work my $40,000 a year 9 to 5 job.

The only way that yacht is going to be drawn to you is if it runs you over while you're putting about in your little tin dinghy.

And your biggest chance of drawing that Ferarri to you is while it runs over you on a pedestrian crossing.

The first step is right.

You need a definite goal.

But then you need to take some action that has some logical chance
of getting you to that goal.

That's the difference between fantasy and reality...solid logical

If you want to buy a million dollar home with cash you have to DO something that will bring in a million dollars.

Your daily actions have to be in line with making a million dollars (which probably means running a serious business of some kind or working in an especially highly paid profession).

If you want your million dollar home in three years that means you'll have to make between $350,000 and $650,000 a year depending on how much tax you pay and how much money you spend along the way.

That comes to $7,000 to $12,000 a week which puts things in a whole different perspective.

If you're willing to work say 50 hours a week to get that home that means you have to earn around $140 to $250 for every hour of work you do.

Now you need to ask yourself the question "Is what I'm doing this hour going to make me $140 an hour or more?"

If it is likely to make you that kind of money then you're acting in a way that's consistent with your goal.

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