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If you understand online marketing or you're a copywriter one of the fastest ways to start making an income is to sell your online marketing expertise to brick and mortar businesses in your local area.

Since I wrote the original report Offline Gold For The Online Marketer I've received a flood of emails from ordinary people just like you who've started to make an exceptional income using this strategy.

It really is as simple as walking in to local businesses and striking up a casual conversation.

The biggest secret is to sell yourself as a "direct response web designer" or an "internet marketing consultant".

Remember that most business owners have no idea what a copywriter is.

You really can make good money setting up simple one to three page websites that bring in sales for local brick and mortar businesses.

As you get more sophisticated and build a relationship with local business owners you can sell service after service to them...setting up email blasts and online sales letters for special events and sales, offline endorsement letters, email capture pages, email autoresponder series, content pages to bring in search engine traffic and educate prospects, reports and white papers to sell products and services...

The list goes on and on.

I cover a wide range of services you could be providing to local businesses in the ebook Online Gold For The Offline Business.

This is the definitive ebook on how to use online marketing to power up the profits in any brick and mortar business.

If you're selling online marketing services to local businesses you really must have a copy of this ebook as a reference manual.

I also realized that many copywriters starting out may not know how to set up a website but if you can write headlines and emails there's an even simpler way to get started that I outline in the new Offline Gold report From Offline Store Front To Online Gold.

This report reveals how you can use your headline writing skills and your email writing skills to explode the sales in any brick and mortar business.


You use your skills as a copywriter to stop people walking past their store dead in their tracks and entice them inside the business (this report goes into more detail).

Then you turn those people into email subscribers and you turn those email subscribers into long term online generated income.

There really is no need to struggle as a copywriter when you can make an exceptional income while you're helping out local businesses with their marketing.

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