A Vital Key To Rapid Financial Freedom?

Often the quickest, proven way to achieve financial freedom and a high quality of life with minimum stress and minimum environmental impact is to:
a. Work towards owning your own home.

b. Have investments that produce a cash income like stocks, bonds or rental real estate.

c. Live a very frugal but emotionally fulfilling lifestyle.

d. Become largely self sufficient. Grow your own food. Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car. Get up at dawn and go to bed shortly after dark to cut down on electricity use (and increase sleep and leisure time!)

Use valuable free resources like public libraries and community groups for entertainment and to contribute as a valuable member in your local area. Trade with people in your local area for basic commodities you don't grow or create yourself.

e. If you have children spend time with them playing and engaging in the activities listed above building a genuine, fulfilling relationship. More than anything children want and need your time, your love and attention...not Disneyworld or the latest X-box.

Now you may not do all of these but they all have value.

Many ambitious people will struggle for years because they are trying to
support a lifestyle they don't want or need...two latest model cars,
a large home and mortgage (even though they're very rarely at home),
full time jobs, eating out most of the time (because you're busy) etc

Yet most couples living the lifestyle described above could get by
quite well with 2 part time jobs (and their tax burden would be
very small).

And that's where your copywriting or internet marketing comes in.

If you're making money writing copy from home that also means your necessity
for commuting to work disappears.

That means you can get by without a car or with just one
inexpensive car.

And the amount of money you need to make from your internet
business or your copywriting may be quite small.

A copywriter being paid quite modest fees could probably
make enough to live and have a fulfilling lifestyle.

If you go through all your expenses and do the sums you may
be surprised what you discover about your current lifestyle.

Now the main objection to this plan is that you won't be as
happy living a more frugal lifestyle.

But is that really true? What really makes us happy?

Watch this video to discover why if you want to
be happy you should spend as much time in prison as you possibly
can and never ever join the beatles...

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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