Is this copywriting mistake KILLING your sales?

The mistake that is most likely to be KILLING your response stone dead is the whole framing of your sales letter.

Here's a very fast critique of a sales letter for a program to overcome procrastination.

Look at this prehead...

A Comprehensive New 4-In-1 System Reveals The Amazingly Simply Process For Eliminating Procrastination And Indecision From Your Life…For Good!

The biggest problem here is it shouts:



That usually happens when they arrive at the sales letter from a pre-selling email.

But in most cases your prospects are coming from pay-per-click or the search engines.

So you need to focus on building credibility, trust and on pre-educating your prospect.

Here's a basic rule...

Never announce a product or price until you've established:

1. You understand your prospect's unique problem.

2. You have a unique solution to that problem for them.

If you reframed this sales letter to start out as a free report eg.

FREE Report...

7 Ways To Overcome Procrastination Forever

And then gave some genuinely useful information in tip form that tells about your background in story type fashion gives some good advice and leads your prospects to the conclusion that what they need is your product - then you have a chance.

That's the most important fundamental tip I can give you.

Unless your prospects know about your product and they're coming to your sales letter ready to buy you should start out giving useful information.

One more tip on bullets:

Be specific. Use place names, real names, item names - anything unique to make your bullets intriguing.

Let me give you some examples...

# The "wristwatch" secret you must know to get the maximum price when you exit your business. This secret is so obvious it stares at you every minute of every day and if you're doing this wrong your chance of selling your business at anywhere near a good price is non-existent...

(Time management)

# Why you must apply the "New York Subway" principle if you want to build, prepare and sell your business for the maximum profit...

(Having a definite goal. When you go down into the New York Subway you want to know exactly where you're going otherwise you'll end up wandering around in a very unpleasant place)

# Why Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs could all be hiding one of the biggest secrets to creating an audio program your buyers will never forget...

(I'm not telling you what this bullet is about. Drives you crazy doesn't it?!!)

“The Little Known 4 Letter Formula
That Turns Callers You've Never Met Into Friends
Who Trust You And Will Crawl
Over Broken Glass To Do Business With You...”

(I'm not telling you what this one is either!)

Learn how the secret of a Korean flying ace with 21 kills can make you money online the EASY way...

(The Korean flying ace mostly shot planes on the ground. The secret is to target easy markets online).

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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