6 Rules To Creating A Killer Press Release

6 Rules Of Creating A Press Release That Has Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Shows Wanting To Interview You NOW!

Let me give you just a few of the most vital secrets to an offline press release based on real world experience.

I appeared regularly on a show that was aired on 40 commercial radio stations across Australia and before that I was interviewed by more radio stations than I care to mention, on TV, made the front page of the newspaper more than once etc etc.

Rule 1: Your press release must be catchy and newsworthy.

Tie-ins are important.

Notice how this press release ties in a "Penniless Blind Woman Striking Gold" (human interest)

"Building Websites She Can't Ever See!" (novelty)

"70% of blind people are unemployed - discrimination" (Moderately topical news issue - if there was a big story around about discrimination of the handicapped or a story about blindness or anything along those lines your coverage would shoot up)

"one piece of advice to people who might be struggling to make ends meet" (inspriational)

Rule 2: Be brief. If it doesn't fit in a single, letter size, double spaced, 12 point white page then it's too long.

Rule 3: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give the whole story in the press release.

Make them call you to get the juicy part of the story.

If you force the media to call you then your coverage will shoot through the roof.

This is THE biggest secret of an offline press release.

When I realized this secret I went from getting one or two calls to being completely unable to handle the interview requests - overnight.

And all it took was slashing information OUT of the press release and adding in...

Rule 4: Give "teaser" type suggested questions.

It should kill the reader with desire wanting to know how you'll answer these questions.

It also gives them a premade interview.

Go through the press release again and you'll see what I mean.

Your interviewer can read that whole first passage on the air word for word:

"Despite the fact that she can't ever see a single line of the websites she creates totally blind woman Reina Brown has a thriving business online.

Tired of the discrimination she encountered everywhere in the job market and determined not to join the 70% of blind people who are unemployed, Reina set out to prove blind people can be just as creative, competent and even more resouceful than those of us lucky enough to have the gift of site.

And if building websites isn't enough Reina has also made ends meet over the years by teaching herself professional candle making, sculpting and more."

Then she can say "Hi Reina" and start asking the suggested questions.

Radio show hosts are busy, busy people.

They know an easy interview when they see one and they love the fact that you've done their work for them.

Rule 5: Use "sound bytes"

After that the most important thing you can do before being interviewed is have notes for answering each of the questions and think up some sound bytes.

For example when I was being interviewed about weight loss I would talk about how eating fruit and vegetables was a huge key then came the sound byte...

"No one ever got fat eating broccoli!"

Makes for good radio and makes you memorable.

When I talked about childhood obesity I'd tell parents they should get children involved in growing and cooking healthy food and I'd say...

"Children will eat the food they steal! Now before you embark your children on a life of gastronomical crime let me explain..."

If you think up a nice catchy line you can use at the start or end of your answer to each question your interview will rock.

And they'll invite you back if you give them even the ghost of a chance!

And that leads to...

Rule 6: Always create your press releases in pairs.

You want to have a follow up story that's so enticing your interviewer will be like a dog salivating over fresh meat - just dying to get you on the show again.

The easiest way to get an interview on radio is when you're being interviewed.

So think up a second story the media will find it impossible to resist.

(Maybe something you're doing for charity - or something you're doing for other blind people - use your imagination).

The reason I got on 40 radion stations across Australia over and over and over was that I planned it that way.

In my first interview on weight loss I was answering a call in question and the caller asked about depression.

My answer: "I wrote the world's first book covering a comprehensive diet and lifestyle protocol for depression and I have to tell you the subject would cover a lengthy show all by itself."

And then I repeated that line after answering her question.

Immediately after we were off the air the interviewer said "you know how you mentioned doing a full show on depression? Could we do that?"


Also if you don't get a bite from the interviewer during the interview you can send the second press release immediately afterwards by fax and email.

Just mention you have another story you know they'd love.

You now have the most kick-arse proven offline press release secrets you'll find anywhere and a template you can use.

You just have to follow through and do it.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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