Is Operation Moneysuck A Loser's Dead End?

Some great marketing minds have recommended a mindset to help you hone in on what you should do right now in your business.

Named "Operation Moneysuck" the theory is that you focus on doing now what will bring you the most money in the shortest possible time.

This sounds logical and there's no doubting it WILL make you money.

There's only one problem with this philosophy.

It will almost certainly lead you to an empty soulless existence.

Let me explain...

At some point the term "the bottom line in business" was coined.

And at some point "the bottom line" came to mean the monetary profits of a business were THE most important measure of the success of that business.

Can you see a problem with this little piece of misleading garbage?

First of all business was designed to serve people.

People were never meant to serve business and as living breathing, loving people we were never meant to serve the "God of Profits."

The great and wonderful irony is that the businesses that have solely focused on this faulty "bottom line" thinking are now finding it harder and harder to survive.

Client loyalty is now at a premium as we face a more and more skeptical market and new customer acquisition becomes more and more difficult and expensive.

Companies like Whole Foods and a whole pile of small entrepreneurs online (God bless them all) are finding that giving real clients real service can make you a profit leader by default...even when that was never your primary goal.

So what is the lesson you can learn from this amazing, wonderful trend in business?

Start with good intentions first.

Here's an exercise you can do now that makes "Operation Moneysuck" look like the the losers dead end it really is.

Ask yourself one simple question...

"What is the ultimate outcome I'd like my clients to get from their interaction with me, my products and my business?"

"If I could give them anything what would it be?"

Then ask another question...

"What is the first step my client or potential client needs to take to move towards that ultimate outcome?"

"What is the next step?"

And so on.

Once you've gone through this process your view of your business, your calling and your role as a real force for change in your little corner of the world will never be the same again.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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