Low key copywriting sells...

In the past, especially in direct mail, the prevailing wisdom is that high energy copy with bold claims will outpull low key copy.

But the trend offline is away from bold claims and towards high content lead ins to a sales message (the magalog is a classic example of this).

I'm finding online low key copy with a high degree of proof sells very well.

Especially if it has a warm tone capitalizing on an existing relationship with the prospect.

If you're using a "high-energy" message these days online you better have a ton of proof and make your language VERY specific.

Claims like

"Make MILLIONS With This Amazing NEW Cash Creating Online System!!" just won't cut it in today's online market.

But when you get more specific and include proof that changes everything...

"How I Made $234,785 In 86 Days Creating Simple 2 Minute Videos And Posting Them On YouTube And How I Taught 10 Online Entrepreneurs My Step-By-Step System..."

"See The Screenshots Of My Paypal and Clickbank accounts below and read the testimonials from ALL 10 of my students RAVING about how the same system I'm offering you can start increasing your online traffic and your income as soon as 42 days from today..."

Also the shift has happened online...the market is now mainly inhabitants of the X generation.

Baby boomers are a breeze to sell to in comparison to the "X generation" who are the most cynical generation in history.

Proof and an existing relationship rule.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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