Famous Letters

Here's a famous sales letter from the Wall Street Journal that most copywriters have never heard about.

This sales letter was so successful at generating subscribers that it was the Wall Street Journal's most successful sales letter right up to the famous "two school graduates" letter.

Pinned to the top of this letter was a 100,000 mark German note. Its purpose, like that of the dollar, was to get the reader's immediate attention and arouse his interest in the message of letter...

Will You Accept The Enclosed German Reichsbank Note For 100,000 Marks, With OurCompliments?

Dear Sir:

If the enclosed German Reichsbank Note for 100,000 Marks pays for one minute of your time, consider yourself engaged.

Yes, it's a real Reichsbank Note, put out by the German Government. Before the War, 100,000 marks were worth $23,820.00 in our money.

But when this particular issue of notes was retired, it took 10,000,000 notes like this to get a mark worth 24 cents in gold!

That is what uncontrolled inflation did to German money. As fast as new issues were brought out, the old ones dropped in value, until a man's only chance to get ahead lay in putting his money in common stocks, or into goods or real estate - or something that would go up in price just as fast as the value of his money went down.

In a small way, something of the kind may occur here. Even with inflation under perfect control, the value of the inflated money is bound to drop, while common stocks and goods and real estate will go up in value.

The question is - what type of stocks will depreciate most? And what effect will inflation have upon various lines of industry?

That is where the Wall Street Journal can be of genuine help to you. Its facts are not merely timely, but they are derived from original sources, and their accuracy can be depended upon. But that isn't all. The facts it brings to you each day are interpreted from the standpoint of the investor and of the business man, enabling you to invest your money or to plan your business with understanding and foresight.

The Wall Street Journal is the source of information for countless statisticians, newspapers and market services. Yet the information for which you pay the high fees is just as readily available to you in the pages of the daily Wall Street Journal, as it is to them.

The enclosed card entitles you to the next SIXTY ISSUES of the Wall Street Journal for $3. Not only that, but it brings you FREE EXAMINATION of the first five copies. If these five do not make clear to you the financial trend, if they do not show you every phase of business and financial activity, just tell us to cancel, and you will be out nothing.

Will you TRY it? Will you let us send you accurate news from the very heart of the financial center of the country NOW - when that news may be worth more to you than ever in your lifetime? Will you mail the enclosed form TODAY?


Studying famous, highly profitable sales letters like this one can help ground you in the fundamentals of exceptional copywriting.

Notice how this copy used the Reichsmark as an attention "grabber" then ties its whole inflation/investment message into that worthless piece of currency.

Then ask yourself...how can I grab my prospect's attention and how can I tie the message in my sales copy to one intriguing hook?

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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