Web design secret...

Here's a HUGE copywriting secret.

Most of the succesful copywriting in the past has looked in style very similar to the content the prospect is reading.

Let me put that in English.

Most successful ads in the newspaper were very similar in appearance to newspaper ads.

Same fonts. Same size headline. Same size photos. Similar column width and text style.

Many of the most successful magazine ads also looked similar to the magazine articles.

Probably the most mailed sales letter in history - the "coat of arms letter" by Gary Halbert - looked just like an ordinary letter you'd get from a friend.

What's even more interesting that lately the trend in direct mailing has gone towards magalogs - direct mail ads that look like magazines.

And the first page or two of copy is usually very high in content - just like a magazine.

This idea of designing your copy more like a report or article is very powerful.

And copying the web design and content style of the websites your prospects read could significantly increase your response.

The real question is "What exactly are your prospects reading online?"

Which sites are they visiting and spending a lot of time at.

If you can work that out you'll have a web design style you can copy.

The free video at the link below will give you a few secrets too...
FREE Video - How To Design A Web Site Sales Page That Sells

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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