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Your FREE Audio Product
Creation Consultation
From the desk of Michael Senoff
Monday, February 20, 2006

Hi I'm Michael Senoff,

I'm one of America's leading marketing consultants and CEO of hardtofindseminars.com - the world's leading free resource of marketing audio, hard to find ads and information for marketing consultants.

I've recorded hundreds of hours of interviews with the world's leading business experts and information marketers including Jay Conrad Levinson, Carl Galetti, Joe Vitale, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Brian Keith Voiles and more...

My clients and the visitors to my site RAVE about the information PACKED into every one of these interviews...

Will Your Clients Compare You To The Wizard Of Oz...?


Remember in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy shows up at the end of the yellow brick road? You know she’s got Toto and the gang in tow, and their all seeking the wisdom and answers from the Great and powerful Oz.  I know I’ll never forget the scene of Dorothy yanking back the curtain, and there stands the old wizard… exposed with all his secrets revealed

Well Michael, you’ve done the exact same thing! And with more than one (marketing) wizard no less! No kidding, there are more nuts and bolts marketing information in your audio clips than it took to build the Tin man himself! Not just the “What to” stuff …you can get that anywhere. But more importantly the “How To” stuff!

Recently I’ve been bitten by the copy writing bug! And I’m telling you, interviews #32 and #33 on copy writing are KILL-ER! The cool thing about your interviews are… there is literally something for everyone! I even gave interview # 53 to my wife for a project she is working on.

Now, how you get all these marketing “wizards” to let you pull the curtain back I’ll never know. But I do know this, there is literally millions of dollars worth of marketing information exposed for all to see, hear and profit from.

Michael, you are shameless, at lest Dorothy let the Wizard close the certain.

Thanks a Million!

Joe Montgomery CEO Position Marketing Inc.

I have hundreds of testimonials like these.

People thrilled at the information packed in the audio interviews on my site.

And you can literally cash in from all the secrets I've learned doing hundreds of hours of interviews with my new audio product creation service.

This audio recording service is the easiest way on earth to create your own highly valuable information product in just weeks even as quickly as seven days.

So you can be selling your audio product and even using your own audio infomercial to sell that product in just a few days from now.

An audio product that I'll draw out of you in a series of interviews that's PACKED with high quality information that'll make your prospects and clients salivate and come back to buy from you over and over...

The Greatest Gems Were Your Audio Recordings...


I think it was about a year ago that I found your website because I was looking for some Jay Abraham materials to help improve my dental business.

They were great (and about $2,000 less than what I would have had to spend to get them) but quite honestly the greatest gems you gave me were your audio recordings!  These are great "how-to's" and exciting interviews of great entrepreneurs for all of us who are looking to improve our businesses.

Some of the little things I have learned from you have added thousands to my bottom line in just a few months.  Thank you for your great work!

Dr Sean Tarpenning
H (715) 858-1190
W(715) 835 -0606
email: tarp1234@charter.net
w email: tarp1234@netzero.com

How does my personalized audio product creation service work for you?

I Call You On Your Ordinary Telephone
And Interview You Live
On A Series Of Related HOT Topics

About Your Niche Subject...

I record these telephone interviews and then I edit and hone the recordings to turn them into a highly professional product you can sell as a series of audio CDs, audio cassettes or MP3s you can offer as online downloads.

You don't need any special equipment.

You don't need any special skills.

The telephone in your home or your office is just fine.  In fact we can even record you when you're on the road or even while you're on holidays.

All you have to do is get to an ordinary telephone.

And it gets better...

This is not some hashed up service where I throw together any old audio.

I've been doing interviews with information marketers just like you for over 4 YEARS.

And in that time I've developed a system for creating a series or 5 or more separate, high value audio recordings your prospects will salivate over.

Your Audio Information Product
With Hot Information Locked Inside
Your Head Right Now...

Information I'll find and draw out of you - often brilliant insights you've completely forgotten about or would never have even thought off without that magic that talking to someone else creates...

Mining The Audio Gold Right There Inside You...

I just have one question for you Michael! How the heck do you get these guys to spills their guts to you?

I've only listened to a fraction of the information you dragged out of Luis and my head is already swimming. Your giving me sleepless nights...

Please keep it up!...
Rick Allen

I'll give you a guideline of what each audio will be in advance.  All you'll need to do is make some quick notes (I'll explain how) and I'll do the rest.

Nothing could be simpler or easier.

In a few weeks even a few days you'll have an information product you can sell for $100, $200, $500 even thousands of dollars.

And you can use samples of the audio and the audio infomercial we'll create together to sell your new audio information product.

Giving samples of your audio is very powerful.

I've used it myself to sell literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of products in the last few years.

Here's an email I got from Simon Woodcock thrilled at the free audio I give away on my site and enquiring about the Art Hamel business buying system I sell...

Audio Creates Fantastic Qualified Leads...


I discovered your site last week. And I can't stay away! The Herschell Gordon Lewis recording is pure gold. He's a great raconteur with an easy listening voice.  I loved hearing about the early days of collectibles as I spent 12 years in that sector.

Art Hamel's tips gave me a whole new outlook on starting a business. And David's story on how easy it is to set up a cleaning business with such low investment was a real eye opener. Keep up the good work!

Simon Woodcock

PS. What was Art Hamel's training course/seminar titled? It sounds really interesting

To date I've sold 200 copies of this system at a price ranging from $299 to $599 each.

The value of the business buying system and the price I could charge goes UP every time I add new audio.

And with my new personlized audio product creation service you can do the same - literally Talking Yourself Rich!

The more you talk the more you make!

Ask yourself this question...

Could You Be Selling Your Information Product At $3,900...?

Month in and month out I sell my HMA marketing consultants system online with a $3,900 price tag.

In the year 2005 I made over $100,000 in sales from this HMA system alone.

What makes the HMA system for marketing consultants so special?

What allows me to sell an information product for $3,900 when other systems are selling for a tenth of that price?

The difference is the hours of audio I make available - both to prospects so they can see the value of the product before they buy and as an hugely valuable added resource to buyers.

How much more could you be charging for your information product by adding audio?...

You can use short preview portions of the audio I help you create as a lead generator and to get your prospects excited about the value of your information product.

Audio gives you the power to presell prospects and to massively increase the value of your information product - even into products worth thousands of dollars...

When your prospects are listening to your voice they're getting you at full pitch sharing information that's valuable to them.

Audio helps you become more real to your prospect and helps to build your credibility.

It's like being able to talk one on one to your prospect on auto pilot.  

Without lifting a finger you can have 10, 20, hundreds even thousands of your prospects listening to your audio message at the same time.

“You Could Be Giving
Half A Dozen Highly Qualified Prospects
A PERFECT Sales Presentation For Your
Information Product
While You're Asleep - Literally!...

I get emails every week from prospects who can't get enough of the audio interviews on my site.

While I'm sound asleep they're wide awake listening to my audio and becoming more and more likely to buy one of the products I offer...

Could Your Audio Recordings Be Addictive...?


I'm addicted to your audio clips!!!  There is so much great information in them... I always come away with new ideas.  I've listened to a lot of tape programs on marketing and copywriting... and I can honestly say that I've gotten more great insights from your audio interviews than I have from any other single source!  

In fact... one of the best sales letters I've ever written used an idea I got while listening to your  clips... and ended up making my client a TON of money! 

Thank you... I'm looking forward to more!

Bartley Jones
Bartley Jones Copywriting

I make a very good living using audio to add value for my clients and my clients are very happy to pay me a premium in return.

Why not let me help you do the same...

Why not let me help you turn your information product into and audio information powerhouse you can be proud to sell at many times its current price...

And there's another amazing feature of this audio creation service you won't find ANYWHERE else.

The audio series I help you create and record in lightning speed will be media friendly.

If you want free publicity through radio, newspaper or in niched publications then you'll be amazed at how my audio product creation service massively increases your odds.

First You'll Have A Product
That's Sexy
And Media Friendly

Second you'll be far better prepared for interviews on your subject after I've interviewed you for five or more separate audio recordings.

Australian health writer Andrew Cavanagh uses this audio creation system to get on national radio and sell a boatload of audio products over and over again.

You could do the same...

Could You Sell Your Information Product With Free Publicity?

"I appear regularly on 40 commercial radio stations across Australia and I've helped others do the same which is a lengthy, involved process...

"But using your product creation system could slash this process down to a tenth of the time AND give anyone appearing in the media the option of a lower priced lead in product or a higher priced back end audio program they can pitch successfully from the air.

"Michael your audio product creation service really is a brilliant idea for anyone wanting to make money fast with any free publicity campaign!"

Andrew Cavanagh (AMWA) Cairns, Australia
Phone +617 40416627  email: andrewcavanagh1@bigpond.com

Best of all we'll create your audio program at lightning speed...

I've done most of the work for you in advance creating a system that works like magic to create your audio information product.

I'll help you get the perfect titles for each audio and choose RED HOT subject matter in the minimum time possible.

You just take 10-15 minutes worth of brief notes before we record each audio and we're ready to go.

There's no driving or flying to a recording studio.

You don't have to worry about editing or any technical details at all.

You talk to me on the phone for 45 to 90 minutes and your first audio is done.

Then we repeat the process at times that are convenient for you.

Each Audio Recording
Will Take Less Than Two Hours
Of Your Time
To Put Together...

And each recording will be JAM PACKED with the best information I can draw out of you.

You could take months, even years to get this high quality information down on paper or on audio yourself - if you ever get it down.

But when I interview you you'll be done in a few short hours.

I'll give you the finished edited recordings in high quality wav format so you can create perfect audio CDs and cassette tapes with them and I'll give you  your recordings in much smaller MP3 files ready for online delivery.

My years of experience interviewing experts just like you will give you a professional audio product you can be proud of and your clients will love...

Your Professional Audio Information Product...

Hi Michael:

Great job on the CD!  I give it the "thumbs up" for at least 3 reasons:

1) It is professionally done, from start to finish.  First impressions are so important, and you have certainly provided anyone who hasn't dealt with you before a super "first look" at what you are all about.  The graphics quality is great.  The layout is very user-friendly.  And the sound quality is excellent.  And you take the time to tell the user what to expect all throughout.  While going through the CD, I kept saying to myself, "Wow, this guy knows what he is doing.  He's not an amateur but a true professional."

2) The content is outstanding.  There is so much "junk" out there that is given away for free; so that after I get something free, I usually say, "Well, I guess I got what I paid for!"  But with this CD, that is not the case.  This is free in the sense that I did not have to pay a dime for it, but it is certainly worth hundreds of dollars, because you have provided
quality content, real life examples of people in need of marketing assistance, and your insightful consulting advice.

It didn't take me long before I found myself listening to you talking to someone who had a situation virtually identical to my own!  (The mortgage loan guy who wanted to develop an information product.)

3) I've been in business for the past 20 years.  This is the best example of "try before you buy" that I've ever seen.  I'm a Tax Accountant.  What can I do to show a prospective client how well I do tax returns -- let him look at some other client's tax return!  Hardly!  But as a marketing consultant, you can show the world exactly what you do. 

You've captured the essence of your business on tape and put it out there for all to experience first hand.  It's like the listener is right there when you conducted these consultations.  To say that this CD is a "great idea" is an understatement, for sure...

Wayne M. Davies
4660 W. Jefferson Blvd. #220, Fort Wayne IN 46804
Tel: 260-459-3858 / TOLL FREE: 866-543-5257 / Fax: 260-459-0124

Now if you were to hire a recording studio to make five separate audio recordings it would cost you at least $2,000 to $3,000 then there's the editing and production costs which would cost you another $2,000 to $5,000.

And that's just the beginning...

To keep your recording costs as low as possible you'd have to keep you time in the recording studio down to a minimum.

So you'd want a written script with every word you're going to say.

And If You Don't Know How To
Write The Way You Speak
Your Whole Recording Will Sound Stilted -
Devoid Of Life Or Spontenaity...

You could hire someone to write this script for you - but a script for 5 audio recordings from a top professional writer...

Be prepared to shell out another $5,000 to $10,000.

Your other option would be to hire an interviewer to join you in the recording studio.

Apart from the expense of a good interviewer you'd need to find someone who knows how to draw out of you the high value information you need in an audio program to make it worthwhile for your listeners.

If you bring in another expert to add extra audio to your program you'll have to interview them yourself or again hire a professional interviewer.

And do you know how to prepare someone else for an interview, make sure the interview stays on track and that they don't spend the whole time giving you an empty audio that's nothing more than a pitch for their products?...

Asking The Right Questions...

Volume 1 the hard to find seminars audio CD is a fantastic addition to any marketers and entrepreneurs educational library. Michael has asked many important questions when picking the brain of several guest experts, providing many practical perspectives, relevant to many industries. 

Michael starts off with the basics to give an understanding of the experts backgrounds and then progresses with questions that continually build upon one another. 

What I liked most is that when I found an interview on a subject that interested me and applied to my current business objectives, it helped isolate several areas that just aren't covered in conventional off the shelf books and industry related texts. 

Peter Aylwin - Sydney, Australia

Even if you do it all yourself and it works out perfectly
(and I can guarantee you from years of painful experience it won't) this whole process is going to cost you at least $4,000 and up to $13,000 or more...

It will eat up your valuable time and there's a very good chance you'll simply give up on the project half way through so you'll have NOTHING to show for your all your investment of time and money.

Or you can do this the easy way by using my service - have me prepare you and interview you by phone...

Have me prepare any special guests you want interviewed and interview them too...

Have Me
Make Sure You're Creating
A High Value

Audio Product You Can Sell...

Looking after the whole process for you every step of the way including what can be a painful, highly technical editing process.

You won't have to worry about any of this.

Your input will be less than two hours for each audio.

That's just 10 to 15 hours of work on your part for a massive, high value audio product you can sell at a good price - anywhere from $100 to $500 even more depending on your market.

Instead of the $4,000 to $13,000 you'd normally pay to record your own audio program I'll charge you just $3,997 for the whole service from start to finish.

If you sell your audio program at just $100 you'd only have to sell 30 to 40 copies to make up that low, low fee.

And you only pay me once to help you make the recordings.

There's no royalties - no fine print.

The audio is yours.

Once you've paid me for my service you OWN the copyright.

You can sell your audio product over and over and all the profits are yours to keep.

And it gets better...

Your Risk Free $697 Introductory Trial...

If you call me or email me right now I'll let you get started with your special risk free $697 introductory trial.

You pay $697 up front and together we'll get your first audio recording made.

When you're thrilled with your first recording you simply pay me the balance of $3,300 and we'll record the rest of your program.

In the unlikely event that you're NOT thrilled with your first recording I'll refund every cent of your $697.  

So you'll get several hours of my time and advice (worth $700 an hour) and you'll get to try out my recording service with NO risk at all!

And if your one of the first 3 clients who qualify for my service I'll also give you well over $2,700 worth of services as my FREE gift to you including...

Bonus #1: Audio Infomercial Value $1,500 to $2,500...
To finish off your program I'll interview you and help you create an "audio infomercial" - an audio presentation that explains to your prospect why they should buy your information product.

You can turn your audio infomercial into a CD you give out AND you can have people download the audio online.

I'll even host your audio infomercial for a full 12 months completely free as part of your audio product creation package.  (There is a download limit but it's highly unlikely you'll exceed it unless you're running a HUGE online business).

Imagine having your prospects listening to your perfect audio presentation while you're at the beach, playing golf or just enjoying time with your family.

Bonus #2: Marketing Advice Worth $700 an hour...
I normally charge $700 an hour for my marketing advice but I'll give you my time and my marketing expertise to help you turn your audio information product into a cash generator for you.

In the process of creating your audio program I'll give you all the help you need - many hours when you add up the ongoing advice and support as we work together.

This ongoing help as your create your audio product is worth more than you'll pay for your entire audio product creation package but it's included as a bonus in your personalized audio product creation service.

Bonus #3: Full Transcripts Of Every Audio Worth $500 to $1,500...
Because the format I use to create your audio program is designed to produce a hot easy to sell product he transcripts of your audio will be high value products too...

You'll get transcripts of every audio completely free as part of your personalized audio creation service.

So you can print them out and sell them as manuals or reports to go with your audio program or deliver them online as a download or both.

EACH transcript will add another $20 to $100 value to your audio program.

You can even add articles and other material you've written to your audio transcripts to create high value ebooks. 

Converting your audio to a typed word file or pdf file would normally cost you between $100 and $200 for each hour of audio transcribed.

And you'd have to go through the added hassle of finding a professional transcribing service to listen to your audio and turn it into a typed word document for you.

But with my audio product creation service you don't even have to give this a second's thought.

As part of my recording team a fantastic and FAST transcribing service I've used for years myself.

You'll get your audio program emailed to you in a word file AND a pdf file.  $500 to $1,500 value completely FREE as part of your audio product creation package.

NO hassles and NO cost!

In summary if you qualify to become one of my special preferred clients this is what you'll get...

Your Personalized Audio Product Creation Service Includes...

1. Creation of your audio program - we'll record five separate high value, media friendly audio recordings worth $3,997...

2. Your "Audio Infomercial" to help sell your information product worth $1,500 to $2,500...

3. My marketing advice "as we go" worth $700 to $3,500 or more...

4. Full written transcripts of every audio worth $500 to $1,500...

A grand total of over $6,200 value and you can get started recording your audio program for just $697 - a tiny fraction of that price.

But before you call me to take advantage of this amazing deal it's important to understand that my time is limited and I am very selective about the clients I will take on.

The only reason I have the time to work with a few selected clients is because using audio for the promotion of my products and services is so effective at creating sales for me on auto pilot.

But I'm NOT at all desperate for business.

If you're trying to sell shitty products or a crappy service or if you've got some kind of scam going DON'T call me.

I'm not interested in pornos either or any off color products or services.

Also if you think $3,997 is a steep price to pay for recording an audio program instead of the fantastic bargain it truly is again DON'T bother calling me.

Ultimately if we're going to work together only will you need to be happy with me and my service I'll also need to be happy with you and the audio program we'll be creating together.

“I Want To Be Sure
Your Product Will Make Money For You
AND Be A High Value Product

For Your Clients...

Before we go ahead I'll need to spend some time talking to you over the phone so I can give your project my seal of approval.

And I'm sure you'll have some questions you'll want to ask me too.

So I'm going to give you a special $350 half hour gift consultation.

If you call me or email me right now I'll give you a 30 minute consultation where I'll help you brainstorm the quickest way for you to turn your information product into a high value audio program.

I'll be finding out if my audio product creation service is right for you and you'll discover a whole pile of tips and strategies you can use to powerfully market and increase the value of your information products.

If I think you have a product idea worth turning into audio and you're ready to take the next step then I can take your initial $697 payment (with the full money back guarantee).

We can start recording in just days - we could even start immediately if we have enough time to get your first audio recorded.

This really is the fastest, easiest way on earth to get your high value audio program recorded.

“Call Me Right Now
To Claim Your FREE Half Hour
Audio Product Creation Consultation
Worth $350

Call me on 858-274-7851 and ask for Michael.

I'll ask you a couple of quick questions and if I think you might have an idea that's worth turning into an audio program we'll set up a time to speak in more depth over the phone.

I'll give you a pile of ideas for turning your idea or your book into a high priced audio program.

I can promise you there won't be any hard sell.

I'm not desperate for clients or money and I'll only work with you if my service makes a perfect match for you.

If you live in another time zone and calling me on the phone is a problem you can email me at msenoff1@san.rr.com with "Audio Product Consult" in the subject line and I'll email you back with a few simple questions.

If you email me be sure to include your phone number so I know your inquiry is genuine.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Senoff
Michael Senoff - CEO hardtofindseminars.com

P.S. If you're not using the power of audio to add value to your information products and to multiply your sales you're throwing away tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

My audio product creation service is the simplest, most cost and time efficient way for you to start selling your audio program FAST.

But I only have time for a very limited number of clients.

If you really do have a great product and you want to give your clients the highest value information you possibly can then I'd hate to see you miss out on this chance to get your audio information product made quickly and easily. 

Call me right now on 858-274-7851...

Or you can email me msenoff1@san.rr.com with "Audio Product Consult" in the subject line and claim your gift half hour consultation on how to create your high value audio information product.

P.P.S. Here's some more feedback from a few of my highly valued clients that should give you an insight into the power of my audio interviewing technique...

Can You Create Client Loyalty By Delivering Exceptional Value With Audio...?


You are the expert in DELIVERING MORE THAN YOU PROMISE! The quality of your interviews is top notch and the package is easily worth twenty-seven times the price you sell it for. 

Plus by allowing us to not only listen to the audio clipped interviews you provide invaluable transcripts that, when printed out, allow serious marketing students to take notes, hi-lite important concepts and refer easily to the hard copy for future references.

All of the above makes your site and CD-ROM stand head and shoulders above other marketing gurus' online materials. Plus, with your excellent support and invaluable advice you provide through your audio clips and now the excellent interview transcripts - well... What more can I say?

If I have to invent a Unique Selling Proposition to describe your efforts it would be: Michael Senoff Serves Marketing Students With Top-Notched and Quality Marketing Case Studies and he's not afraid to OVER DELIVER!

That's not an exaggeration Michael, it's the only way I can honestly state how you have exceeded my expectations and I will recommend your site to everyone I come in contact with."

Gerard LeBlond
4461 Apulia Rd
Jamesville, NY 13078-9601

Call me right now to claim your FREE Audio Product Consultation.

Call and ask for Michael Senoff on 858-274-7851...

Or you can email me at msenoff1@san.rr.com with "Audio Product Consult" in the subject line.

Blow Your Clients Away With Audio...

WOW! Michael...

I'm am truly and honestly blown-away at your invaluable audio session
on the free CD. Believe me, I have heard hundreds of interviews like this, and nothing compares to yours.

One of my favorite things I found that I love, was the questions you asked your interviewers.
I mean, every single question I had in mind, was literally asked by you anyway.

I really enjoyed your interview with Joe Vitale. I mean who ever asks about his history of how he started as a copywriter. NOBODY, but YOU! Your interviews are most definitely unique in terms of questions asked, and engaging.

I don't have any criticism to give you what-so-ever, except now that I know who you are Michael, you are added to the list of my favorite mentors.

Best Regards,
Andrej Vasil

And there's more...

Your Clients Won't Believe Your Generosity When You Overdeliver With Audio...

Hello Michael,   

First of all, I cannot believe the generosity and professionalism that you have put into your CD and web site.  At first I printed the transcripts and read them at my leisure (reading them 1-2 hours per day).  Then I listened to the interviews, while reading the accompanying transcripts.   They're incredible because the
person you interview gives you their best stuff, much of it not even in the products they sell.  You bring out some of their secrets and they're glad to do it.

Now I find myself playing some of the interviews while doing business work of mine.  I have it playing in the background so that it really  soaks in.  Some of it I listen to repeatedly, like Luis Arauz, Joe Vitale and Gary Halbert, and more recently John Carlton.

I have bought some material and plan to buy even more. At times I feel so guilty that I have gotten so much benefit and you're not trying to sell it to me.  It increases my trust level in you and I find that I want to buy things so that I learn and to support your success because I don't want you to stop.

The time and effort that you have made to make all of this material available is unbelievable.  You're surely going to heaven and you're educating many people in a good way.

Well, it's after 2 am, so I guess it's time to go to sleep.  Often I have found myself changing my sleep schedule because I can't put down the information you provide.  THANKS!!

Michael Morralis

Call me right now to claim your FREE Audio Product Consultation.

Call 858-274-7851 and ask for Michael Senoff...

Or you can email me at msenoff1@san.rr.com with "Audio Product Consult" in the subject line.

Your Prospects And Clients Prefer Audio...


I really loved your website. What I liked most was the audio clip page because there was just so much information there that was useful to me. 

You gave me tons of stuff to think about from our phone conversation and tons of stuff to act on. I really believe this will open up some doors for some hot prospects.

What's more, I thought it was going to be a sales pitch but it wasn't at all, you just really wanted to help and that was truly amazing considering your advice was worth it's weight in gold. Thanks again...the world's supply of genuine people is low so thanks for being one of them!

Prateek, Los Angeles, California

And here's a few more of the hundreds of testimonials I have...

Asking The Right Questions...


I really appreciate your information, the consultations you put on
the web are simply fabulous, I think that by it self are worth a small

I was listening and at the same time viewing myself asking questions of the same type and with the same instinct as yours. Really appreciate your effort, already your page under my favorites right next to Jays.


Call me right now to claim your FREE Audio Product Consultation.

Call 858-274-7851 and ask for Michael Senoff...

Or you can email me at msenoff1@san.rr.com with "Audio Product Consult" in the subject line.

"Glue" Your Prospects To You With Audio...

Hey Michael!

I have been glued to your audio clips for a week now. Some of your clips I have listened to for the third time! Why? Because I learn something new every time- something I missed previously or didn't understand.

These clips are excellent for helping anyone in business or thinking about starting a business to get into a "marketing headspace".

Along with the many great ideas presented in these clips, there are so many hints on what to do and what Not to do in any marketing campaign.

Thanks Michael!

Liana Pardoe, Maple Ridge, BC. Canada

When you use my personlized recording service we'll invest time...

Finding The Gems When We Record Your Audio...


My name is Cory Cameron. I'm out of Chicago. A bonafied biz-op junkie. I've heard it all, seen it all. (well, almost) Your style is impeccable. You never interrupted the client just before they were revealing the next GEM.
The audio by Mr. X was FASCINATING. He admits that he has 10 million a month or so, but really only wants a good ham and egg breakfast. And the thing about policemen and Navy seals. WOW!

You've got to let me sell this stuff on my website. I don't know how but the world needs to hear this.

Thank you
Cory Cameron, Chicago IL.

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Audio Leads To High End Consulting Business...

Dear Michael,                      

I have listened to several of the audio clips, I loved the one about the guy who asked your help in the car freshener business, I like the way you told him to stick to what he was doing and not to go off on a tangent with the dance thing.

I also like the way you suggested he automate the process and use the mail to deliver all the products. The next audio I listened to was the guy who fixed your computer. I think you were right on telling him he needed to clone himself.

The next clip was from the turn around artist, he was sharp and sounds like he made allot of money on the deal with the financial company that got off track. He sounded like he was pretty fundamental in his approach, telling the companies to refocus on their core businesses and optimizing the operations.

But my favorite was the pr-doctor. I learned more about pr from that one audio clip than I have learned in my whole life. I love the idea or piggy backing on the hot news. and I listened to both clips about your test case with your pens. I look forward to following that every week.

I have learned more in five nights of listening to these clips than I have learned in the last five years of studying and listening to tapes from different marketing gurus. I look forward to getting the killer sales letters as I have an idea I heard about that I'm dying to get started on and need some sales letters to get started. When I do get started I'm calling you and get your advice on how to keep it going after I do my first tests.

Also loved the web sights you offered Elance and freedom voice. I know I can use them in my business. Looking forward to the materials and cant wait to get started.

Peter Perreca

I'll help you create...

Audio Worth Its Weight In Gold...

Dear Michael:

Thank you for taking the time, energy and expense to put together a website like this. This information is worth its weight in gold. I am putting together a business plan to start a merchant's association and have used many of the ideas from your site.

The audio clip where you discuss finding equipment for pennies on the dollar by looking through the SIC manual and locating businesses that have gone under within the last five years was excellent. Also the clip about building service-oriented businesses by giving free haircuts or serving customers fresh muffins and getting referrals helped me to generate some additionalideas of my own.

Your advice to the gentleman selling grocery coupons was right on target. I also sold those coupon books. Had I listened to your advice before hand, I would have saved myself much time and aggravation. Your interview with Mr. Dixon, the "Turn-Around" expert and "Life Settlement/Viaticals" broker was very informative. I have benefited greatly from your advice. You are providing a true service to anyone who wants to understand the power of marketing.

Julius Moore

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Can Audio Make Your Site "A real find"...?


I stumbled onto your site by accident. Ron Ruiz mentioned your pen site in his "Business Fast lane" newsletter. I then clicked on to the link & found your hardtofindseminars.com site. It's a real find! I know I can't afford some of the expensive seminars, so finding a site where folks are willing to sell them is great.

I'm writing to tell you that I enjoyed the few audio clips I've listened to. The 3 interviews I listened to (Vanish, Greg (the air freshener guy) & Pete Perreca) were very good. I think it's great that someone is truly giving something of such great value for FREE! I hope you keep it up. I'll definitely be checking your site for courses. BTW, what is the "PDQ Program" that Greg & Pete mentioned?


I'll help you...

Create "Real Diamonds" In Your Audio Products...


Wow, there are some real diamonds among these. Especially the Joint-Venture tape from the Internet Marketing Boot camp is unbelievable! Thanks for this information.

Not even Jay Abraham explained it in this detail. It is absolutely amazing. Thanks again. I have not listened to all of your tapes,
but what I hear up to now - it is very good stuff!

Helmut "Hutti" Hutterstrasser
Handelskai 102-112/3/6
1200 Wien
Telefon: +43 (650) 91 37 347

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"You Asked The Questions I Would Have Asked..."

Hi Michael,

Listened to your audio clips about mobile home investing and joint ventures. I really liked the give-and-take of the mobile home conversation better. You asked the questions I would have asked at that particular point and the person being interviewed was very generous with his expertise and conveyed a tremendous amount of "horse sense" which I would not have thought of myself.

Best regards,

Mark Stober

I'll dig deep and together we'll discover...

Priceless Audio From Your Experience...

Dear Michael,

Michael,  I especially enjoyed the interview #55 with H.G.Lewis.  I can't put a price on what the CD is worth with heavyweights such as him revealing 40 years of experience.


Here's a question you really need to ask yourself...

How Much Is The Gratitude Of Your Clients Worth To You?

Dear Mike,

I love your site. I am very grateful for your generosity in putting all of these valuable audio interviews on your site for free. I am very grateful for your willingness and generosity in helping people and providing info on some of the powerful marketing materials available.
Thank you very much for your time.

Don von Heimburg

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The Power Of Real World Examples For Your Clients...


I find your interviews super helpful. The real power is that they help me to finally get the advanced (and expensive) concepts of Jay Abraham et al. By hearing your real world examples of marketing concepts and ideas I often have "AHA now I get it" moments.


And the testimonials keep coming...

Blown Away By Audio Interviews.  Are Yours Next...?


I received your cd of all the interviews on your website, and, my God!, I've been blown away!  I mean, when you read on your site that it contains 50+ hours of marketing interviews/phone consultations, it sounds like a lot, but when you actually go through it!  I've been listening daily for over a week now, and I'm not even half way through (and I've got the opportunity to listen a lot every day)!  I can't tell you how useful it's been. 

I've gotten ideas for my business (and I haven't even gotten to the interview you have on the site with the guy who is in the same business as me!), and I've gotten a boatload of ideas for ways to expand my business and new opportunities that, frankly, I'd never thought of (that guy buying and re-selling mobile homes - what a great idea!

And life settlements... I've got to check into that here in Georgia.  That could be a SERIOUS profit windfall for my business!).  I really, really appreciate you sending that
to me, and I look forward to ordering more stuff from you.

God bless!

John W. Thomas
Macon, Georgia

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Imagine Your Clients Listening To Your Audio CDs Over And Over...

Dear Michael,

I wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your CD. In fact, whenever I begin working on a new project, I pop it in my computer, fire it up, and start listening to random clips. It really gets my marketing juices flowing.  You really did a nice job putting it together.  Seriously, very impressive.  I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about marketing.

D.R. Schulz
Results based marketing strategist and consultant. 
"I don't get paid unless you make a s***load of money.  Period."

Dan Schulz & Associates
New York, NY  11218

Yes there's more...

The Best Audio CD Your Clients Will Ever Receive...

Hi Michael.

I just wanted you to know that your 52 hours of marketing advice, was the best CD Rom I have ever received. It's laid out perfectly. You have all the material that you have to offer plus those wonderful audio clips.

My favorite audio clip is the joint ventures with one with Ron LeGrand. They talk about the SRDS books and magazine and newsletter lists. That one little clip was worth a lot of money to me. The guarantee that comes with these materials is the best I have ever seen.

I would say Michael you have taken customer service to a new level. My advice to ANYONE READING THIS is to get the 52 hours CD Rom. Then if you find something you like order it from Michael. How can you lose when you have zero risk?

Thanks Michael
Sincerely Robert

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Create "Ecstatic" Clients With Your Audio...


Thanks so much for the great cd. For you to give such value for FREE is truly generous.

Listening to the cd has given me many ideas & ways of looking at things that I hadn't thought of. The folks you interviewed are very generous with their information. One interview helped me to figure out a question that I'd had for about a year. Up until I received your cd, I'd spent over $1,000 buying info trying to find the answer. To think I found what I was looking for in a CD ROM. I'm ecstatic! It's what I needed to finally start making MAJOR money from my business.

I'm betting that this info will shave years off many other peoples' learning curve, and help them make a LOT of money too. I wish I'd heard this info years ago. I recommend that everyone jump on your CD ROM offer before it's gone. Otherwise they'll be kicking themselves for missing out. But, if you do put a dollar value on it, it'd be worth it - whatever the price.

My guess is that I'll wear out the cd soon from stopping, starting, pausing & replaying portions of it.

Thanks again for the excellent product! And your website is great. I found it by accident, but I'll definitely be stopping by often & picking up some seminars on it.

Cynthia Alexander
Los Angeles, CA

Your clients will be thrilled with the...

Powerful Insights In Your Audio Program...

When I first found Michael's site through a search engine, I thought he had mistyped his free offer to "get over 51 hours of marketing audio content on a beautiful CD Absolutely FREE" and I was right!  Why? Because the newest version of his CD ROM now contains over 61 hours of hard-hitting, ready-to-use information--All for FREE. 

Michael has done us all a huge service by compiling literally millions of dollars of key marketing information from the most brilliant marketing minds on the planet.  And this CD ROM puts access to them all right at your fingertips. I've visited countless  marketing sites on the net over the past few years and no one has an "free offer" that even comes close. 

Believe me when I say that you'd have to be an absolute fool not to take Michael up on his offer to get the CD ROM! Now the single biggest problem I have is carving out enough time to listen to all the interviews and to sift through all the mounds and mounds of powerful information and insight I now have in my possession.

Again Michael!

Brian Andrews
Bakersfield, CA

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"A Million Dollar Piece Of Advice..."


If you want to be successful, go to Michael Senoff's website and order the free 61 hours of marketing audio on CD ROM. That's what I did. This CD is very powerful because it shows you what is available for sale, then it has audio clips to listen to. These are real powerful interviews.

One I really like is the truth about joint venture marketing. That one audio clip is a million dollar piece of advice. I just purchased an Jay Abraham tape program from Michael, at a huge discount. I had looked for it for 6 months and could not find it. Plus Michael's material is not counterfeit. They are the original seminar tapes, not duplicate or reprints.

I feel very confident I'll be able to rely on hardtofindseminars.com to get all my marketing material programs so I can become super successful.

Thank you Michael,
Sincerely Robert

I'll help you find the information your clients are looking for...

Your Audio Will Reveal Everything Your Clients Want To Know


Your CD with all the interviews is great! I especially like how you and your guests reveal everything you're doing, what works and what doesn't -- I can't wait for Volume 2 (and 3) !!" 

Mark Hendricks,
Author of "How To Make Your Ads, Sales Letters, And Websites Sell Like Crazy"

My prospects and clients respond to my interviewing style and yours will too...

"I Especially Like The Interview Style"...


I got your special CD a week or so ago.  I have listened to a number of the clips.  I especially like the interview style of you asking questions to the guest.  I learn so much more than from attending a seminar because I can re-play and re-play sections that are of special interest. 

I really like the CD product.  I am certain to get a lot more out of it, as I progress through the huge amount of information.

Thomas F. Ribar

Management Solutions International
W67N222 Evergreen Boulevard - Suite 111
Cedarburg, WI 53012-2650
(262) 375-7400
(262) 375-8640 Fax

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"What A Fantastic Interview..."


I have had the opportunity to translate just one of your
interviews back to wav format and burn it to it's own CD and have been listening to it while I work out.  It was the Joe Vitale interview. 

What a fantastic interview.  I learned a tremendous amount from just that one interview.  There's so much meat in that one interview that I've decided not to translate any other interviews until I've fully digested what you and he spoke about in the interview.  Keep up the good work.


Dave Turo-Shields.

I'll help you create...

"A KILLER Interview..."


I am still in the process of reviewing your Sound-bits.  They are every bit as mind provoking as you advertised. I just completed sound-bit number 35 on Art Hamel and his "buying business" set of tape. 

Ken Bondurant

P.S. I just completed SoundBits number 42. 

I thought it was a killer interview.  You do a good job on all your interviews and I'm sure you learn a great deal from each one. 

Keep up the good work!

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"First Rate Interviews..."


Thanks very much for your CD Rom. I'm very impressed.  You've put together some first rate interviews with a wide range of people, both expert and novice.  From the experts, you've extracted a great deal of useful information.  For the novices, you not only gave them invaluable advice, but helped them to understand which other experts in the crowded field of marketing advice are worthy of attention.  And finally you help them to get hold of that advice at a fraction of the original cost, with your brilliant and entirely legitimate brainwave of creating a secondary market in them. Your CD Rom is an excellent resource.  Thank you Michael

Simon Conroy

Wouldn't you like to...

Create A "New Beginning" For Your Clients...

I recently stumbled onto Michael Senoff's www.hardtofindseminars.com website while searching for Jay Abraham information.  I gave the site casual attention at first but began to visit it looking for "Great" prices on Jay Abraham seminars.  I requested Michael's CD ROM packed with over 61 hours of in-depth marketing interviews and valuable one-on-one marketing consultations.  I received my CD in just a matter of days and began to listen to the interviews.  Wow!  Was I pleasantly surprised!

I have listened to or read information from many entrepreneurs during the past two years and didn't seem to be able to "connect" with them.  I immediately was able to "connect" with the information contained in Michael's interviews.  Listening to the interviews was as if I was sitting in the room passively listening.  My mind has been greatly stimulated.  Michael's interviews have helped me bridge the gap between theory and the application of marketing concepts in the real world!   Michael could have charged several hundred dollars for this CD but instead provided it as a free gift.
He even paid the shipping!

Thank you Michael for a "Great" Christmas present that gives me a new
beginning for 2003 and the rest of my life!

Ken Bondurant

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Your Audio Full Of Real Proven Secrets...

Hello Mike,

Mike, your site is undoubtedly rated #1.  No other site gives away such straight-forward golden advice.  Mike's interviews are full of real proven secrets from successful experts of various entrepreneur business fields.

Thanks Mike, your interviews are full of the best of the best!

-Ryan Terry

Your clients will be thrilled with the...

"Tantalizing Tidbits" In Your Audio...

Michael Senoff's sixty-one (61) hours of audio clips on cdrom is a remarkable glimpse into the thought processes behind all successful businesses.  I elected to read all of the transcripts, as well as listening to most of the recordings; and devoured all of this in about ten (10) days.

Throughout the clips, I witnessed the candor of neophyte and professional alike.  Michael is good with people and gets them to open up quickly to reveal nuggets of wisdom not readily found elsewhere, in this format nor any other.

At first, the skeptic may find these a tad cheesy or overly simplistic; but, listen on and most everyone who wants to learn something about marketing or business promotion or making money will find something that they do not already know.  Yes, sometimes I thought that I already knew something; but, once I found that others know the same thing, somehow, that different perspective puts a new light on the subject and that subject takes on a brand new life!

For instance, David and his Commercial Cleaning Service(s) describes how the simplest business can be extraordinarily profitable; but, just try and make the simple complicated and it is no longer the same business.

Or, Allan Miller, who buys and sells mobile homes reinvigorated me to look closely at the small and simple opportunities to find outstanding potential.

Then, of course, I cannot forget the seasoned professionals, like Art Hamel, James Dixon, and Mr. X who taught me more than a thing or two about business, in general, and how to be creative in lending new life to age old business formulae.  Indeed, it is remarkable to hear these successful people talk candidly about their businesses and the successful roads they follow...

Let me congratulate you on a valuable labor of love -- please, continue publishing more of these tantalizing tidbits of business acumen!


Call me right now to claim your FREE Audio Product Consultation.

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Your "Awesome" Audio Program...


Hi Michael,

I received my cd on Wednesday and listened to 2 or 3 interviews already. only one word to describe them .... awesome!!!

I have never met you or even talked with you on the phone but I already feel that I like you as you come across as professional AND genuinely caring and that is not easy to do. nor are you a waffler as its obvious you know what your doing and love it.

God bless Tom.

If you're going to have an audio program why not make it GREAT...

Make Your Audio A "MUST Listen..."

Hi Michael,

You know... I'm not easily impressed.  It takes a mighty good product for me to sit up and take a second look (in this case a listen).  Then... and only then... do I allow my name to be appended to a glowing comment.  This is one of those times. 

Your audio interview with Luis Aruz is... quite simply...a MUST listen.  And frankly, you should know ALL the interviews you've conducted in the past have been first rate.  You have a keen sense of what to ask and how to present it.  Bravo my friend, BRAVO!

Darryl Ruff

Why not use my personlized recording service to make your audio program truly cutting edge...

Your "Cutting Edge" Audio Program...


The secrets Luis Arauz reveals in this interview are so cutting edge, I wish you wouldn't make them publicly available! The key websites and tools he reveals are alone worth several times more than the price you're charging. In fact, I'm hard at work right now, integrating these fabulous new discoveries into my business. I know they're going to save me time and make me money.

Truly, it would have taken me months to have discovered even a small part of what I've learned from Luis' terrific research. Michael.   Thanks a bunch for 4 of the best hours I've ever spent in my marketing education.

Asoka Selvarajah, President M.I. Resources Inc.

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Your "Real, Raw, In The Trenches" Audio Program...


I listened to the audio with Luis this morning.   As soon as I got them I burned a CD and listened on my MP3 player in my car.  I drive a lot and got a great opportunity to listen.  A ton of information that was excellent regarding the usage of the web for creating interest in an e-book.  I will be listening much more to delve deeper and get some notes.  

Thanks again for the great interview.  I feel your interviews are real and raw, I like that they are straight from the gut with people who are in the trenches doing it. Not just a bunch of Guru’s espousing some theory!

Keep up the good work.

Dan Maiers

And if you'd like to reduce or eliminate refunds or returns I'll help you...

Hit One "Out Of The Park" With The FIRST HOUR Of Your Audio Program...


I just listened to the FIRST HOUR of the four hour series on special research tools on the internet.  To say that this material should not be sold because of it's power is not an understatement. I am completely blown away by the rock-solid, down-to-earth, honest-to-goodness depth of this material.

If you cannot get one piece of information that will make or save you time, money, or effort...then you are BLIND! The power this information gives a marketer is of so much value, that almost any price is too low. Thank you Michael for hitting it out of the park. You've outdone yourself this time.  

With appreciation,
Millard W. Grubb

I'll help you...

Make Your Audio Program "PURE GOLD..."

Dear Michael,

Your Luis interview is PURE GOLD! The virtually unknown internet resources he reveals are amazing! They saved me $240 a month on my web hosting, I got a bunch of free stuff using the sales circular link, and I found some home improvement stuff through the catalogs link for less than half what I was about to pay a local store.

But what's even more exciting is that I put together a deal that will net me $14,000 this month! I've been making money online for 5 years and these resources are some of the best I've ever seen!

Bianco Nikki,
Net Marketing Consultant

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Your Audio Program "Worth A Fortune..."


I did get the newest 4 tapes e-mail and, as you know, I think you hit a grand slam home run this time.  This has got to be worth a fortune.  Just so much information in such a short space. 

I need to listen more than once to even begin to scratch the surface of what-all is there and exactly where to find what.  I can never say enough thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Bob Lee

Imagine having an audio program that becomes an exciting process of discovery for your prospects and clients...

Surprise Your Clients With Your High Value Information...


This interview surprised me.  I thought it would be full of fluff... but after a few minutes I was shown a gold mine of resources I never knew existed.  The web hosting information showed me I am getting ripped off and tomorrow I am changing services. 

The auto responder link also opened up some options for me to make more money with my own website.  Also, the one link to a store-house of free e-books I can use as bonuses... that's right totally free.

Thank you Michael to turning me on to this information.

Joe Stronsick 

Imagine gifting your clients and prospects with...

A Wealth Of Information In Your Audio Program...


The audio clips of the interview with Luis Arauz contain a wealth of information. What a great resource for any serious student or seasoned practitioner  of marketing and business.

I have spent hours researching practical money making ideas from just several of the many sites revealed in this information.

Thank you for making this information available!

Darrell Sundell

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"WOW" Your Prospects And Clients...


I just finished listening to the audio clips and man I'm fired up. I liked the trailer man Allen Miller best. He opens a door of extreme opportunity for easy income. I can't wait for you (Michael) to offer something along the line of a CD or tapes or whatever on this very subject.

The audio was very clear and straightforward in its content. Nothing held back and that is refreshing. Thank you for the listen.          

Jack Palms MI. 

My audio product creation service is the fastest way on earth to get your high quality audio program recorded...

Do You Want A "Captivating, Incredible" Audio Program...?

Hi Michael,

I recently received information about the 4 hours of recordings you did with Luis so I didn't hesitate going to your site and listening to your interview.  To my surprise, the information he shared in the first 20 minutes was so captivating and incredible, I couldn't believe it.  

Since listening to him and the marketing suggestions he made, I've visited many of the sites he suggests and have now bookmarked them on my computer.

Thanks so much for sharing this important interview.

Darrell Tyler
Charlotte, NC

Your audio program will not just educate it will...

Leave Your Clients In "Amazement..."


WOW, I have just spent the last two nights listening to the four hours of audio and following along on my computer, going to the sights just as you did, I am totally amazed at this material, the sight that diagnosis your web sight is crazy. I typed in my url and it was so neat to see the results.

I plan on spending many hours on these sights and I know I can make money using them, whether its an e-book or selling research or downloading, printing and then using the info as free gifts in my business, there are hundreds of uses for these sights. the google sight for pictures has already saved me hours looking for photos for my web sight.

I cant express my amazement enough.  One of the best interviews and delivery of pertinent money making ready to use information I have every seen or experienced....


And you'll...

Save Your Clients Time And Money...

Excellent work on your latest interviews with Luis!

I loved how Luis brought everything together on each site and made sense of it.

These interviews and links are filled with so much refined quality information, that anyone could find years of ideas and opportunities within them for any type of business. I would challenge anyone to find a more useful compact list of marketing related internet links.

One of the things I liked most is how you lay everything out from the interviews on an easy to follow webpage of links based upon what you went through in the audio interviews. Very helpful.

I would highly recommend anyone to study your interviews with Luis and to go through each link for at least one hour a day. They can only advance their business and marketing goals by doing so. This information is exactly what I should have known about years ago because it would have saved me a lot of lost time and money from my own chaotic internet search experimentation.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

Max Stone

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Give Your Clients Idea OVERLOAD With Your Audio Program...


You asked for it!! You got it!!

Here's my honest, unadulterated, truthful, no-B.S., straight-from-the-heart feeling about the recordings! (And this is just from listening to the first two sessions!)

Michael, when you said these audios would leave my head swimming with ideas, you understated the impact they have. After just listening to the first session, I was down on my knees, whimpering like a baby, begging for the information to stop just long enough so I could catch my breath.

I've already come up with five separate business ideas from what I've heard so far. As far as I'm concerned, I think you should keep this information under lock and key. It's that valuable!

Jon Eklof

I'll help you uncover the...

"Acres Of Diamonds" In Your Audio Program...

WOW ! There really have been acres of diamonds laying latent all this time via my internet connection. After listening to Michael's interview with Luis, it exposed such a broad array potent information that can normally cost a small fortune in consultation fees or marketing research costs.  No more!

You will not only discover many hidden sites on Michael's "Best Marketing Research Sites" audio interviews that will save you countless hours of research time and/or consultation fees, but you will also learn how to best utilizes many potent features from websites that you already knew about, and never used to maximum capacity.

This is a must for anyone remotely connected to the world of marketing or those looking to gain a competitive edge in any field and industry.

With kind regards,
Peter Aylwin
Sydney, Australia

I'll help you...

Fill Your Audio Program With "Fantastic Information..."


I couldn’t believe all of the fantastic information that was given in your interview with Luis Arauz about his 67 secret web sites. He didn’t just give the name of the web site and what information that it contained, but he also gave me the information on how to use each web site successfully for either my personal or business success.

I’m so excited because as I learned about how to use each web site, new ideas that I haven’t even thought of before are now popping up in my head that will surely be successful for me. I would have never found this much wealth of information on my own. I can’t thank you enough.

Michelle Mullen

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I'll Help You Get The "Solid Information" Out Of Your Head And Into Your Audio Program...

Hello, Michael...

Well, after listening to your interview regarding Google, and thinking you couldn't have done any better, I finally completed listening to your 61 Hours CD. Needless to say, it was packed full of great information, and as much as I thought I knew, I learned tons more that can help me in my business.

Your interviewing style is superb, and you have a real knack of getting solid information out of your guests. Thanks for your efforts - I can't wait to get the printed transcript and your e book of classic ads. I know these items will allow me to take my business to even higher levels. Thanks again... you really go beyond the mark!

Martin Howey
The Quantum Organization
Transforming The Way The World Does Business

Think about this...

If Your Audio Program Was A "Treasure Trove" How Much Could You Charge For It...?

Hi Michael,  

Just got done listening to your first hour of Luis Arauz. What an incredible
treasure trove of information. It's amazing that you get so many of the
greats in the industry to spill their guts. Thanks for all of your hard
work! I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company!

Looking forward to your next GREAT product!

Very truly yours,
John Jaworski

And it get's better...

Even Savvy Clients And Prospects In Your Niche Will Be Amazed At The Information We'll Uncover...


I thought myself a very savvy internet user - that's until I listened to the audio interviews with Luis Arauz. WOW! This material is one fascinating education into the locations of the most powerful websites available on the internet today and most of these websites I hadn't even heard of before!!! I
highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get the very most out of the internet."

Mr. Andrew J. Lawson
United Kingdom

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Clients Will RAVE About Your "Outstanding Interviews"...

Hi, Michael!

I'd like to thank you for the outstanding interview with Luis Arauz. The profit-making opportunities I gained from his amazing collection of little-known websites will be invaluable! And many of the sites are entertaining as well as informative.

The revelations about the hazards of so-called "freeware" alone were worth the time I spent listening to your fascinating interview.

Keep up the great work!

Tricia L. Geib
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Give Your Clients New Hope To Step Up To The Plate And Swing...


Hey Mike,

 I just wanted to say thanks so much for letting me listen in on your interview with Luis, Man it was Gold ! If one were to pick up on just a few of the many tools and Ideas you guys pitched out there some one will hit a home run. I know you have given me new hope to step up to the plate and swing .

Sincerely , David

Think about it...

Your Audio Transcripts Will Be "Icing On The Cake"  Your Offers "Too Good To Resist..."

Hi Michael

Well your offers are just too good to resist. The websites are great. The first time I visited them I had not realized how they related to the interview and thought, "yeah well, a list of sites..." but the information in the interviews just brings them to life. I am so glad I revisited them, thanks for emailing again. I had never thought of using them in many of the ways Luis suggests.

Having transcripts of the clips is just the icing on the cake. I have a slow connection here, and so being able to read it really helps, and means I can use it to refer to sections that I particularly want to utilize at any time. I have also just discovered the further pages of content - wow!

I look forward to seeing the ads too!

Many thanks
Simon Patrick

And it's quite possible...

Your Audio "Will Never Date..."

Hi Michael,

I thought the interviews with Luis are your best to date.  So much information that one can use over and over again.  This stuff will never date.  I particularly thought your interviewing style is very laid back, to the point and highly beneficial - you always look out for your client.  I know I will be using these resources time and time again.  Once again keep up your great work Michael. 

P.S. I look so forward to your next set of interviews.

Kind regards,
Gaetano Indomenico

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How Real Live People Are Doing It In The Real World...

Dear Michael,

First of all, thanks so much for the unbelievable welath of information you offer in general at your website. A lot of people (gurus) teach the theory of how to do things, but your website is an incredible resource to see tons of examples of how real live people are doing it in the real world.

You've done it again with the Luis Arauz interview. I haven't had time to listen to all four hours yet, but it doesn't matter, because I got my money's worth in the first twenty minutes already. I use Google every day, but I never knew the resources exist in Google that Luis reveals. It's going to help me with the research I need to make sure my direct marketing projects are right on the money. Thanks!

Mark Warren
Victoria, BC

Imagine an audio product so powerful, so packed with information...

Listening To Your Audio Program Will Be Like Trying To "Drink Out Of A Fire Hydrant..."

Oh my God!

Louis's set of interviews is absolutely incredible.

The best way I can describe it, is like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant.  It's so powerful, that you can't just take it all in at one time. In fact, if you blink your eyes, you can miss countless amounts
of information.

I have learned more great Internet sites in an hour than I have in a year of searching and researching on  my own.  Some sites I don't think I could ever find on my own.

This is a great resource. It will take me years to exhaust all of this information.  These interviews are not just a Gold Mine, they are in fact THE WHOLE MOTHER LOAD.

Thank you so much for putting this together.  It is absolutely invaluable.

Al Robinson

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Go The "Extra Mile" The Easy Way...

Hey Michael,

I just had to write you a quick note to say how impressed I was with your website. What a tremendous resource!  You have truly 'gone the extra mile'.

The recorded audio interviews at your website and on this CD ROM you offer
are pure marketing gold.

Mike, I'd recommend your service to anyone who wants to know more about
marketing.  Thanks for all this value!

Tom Washington

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Your Audio Program Crammed So Full Of Insight And Information It Should Be Illegal...

Michael your CD is breaking the law... 

Just started listening to your CD that you sent, and I think you need to keep these locked up. It is true these are breaking all the marketing rules I have ever seen. Don't you know you are supposed to give customer's just a little taste of what might be? You are never-ever supposed to give them more than they pay for. They might start expecting everyone to do business this way.

Your CD is so crammed full of marketing INSIGHT and practical business opportunities that it is literally OUT OF SITE! How are the rest of the online marketers ever supposed to do business on the web again? Integrity? Generous value? What's next? Freebies?

I would ask when your next CD is ready but I have barely scratched the surface of this one.

Profitably yours,
Mike Feddersen

Ever had anyone call your audio "spectacular"?  Well why not...?

"The Interview Was Spectacular..."

Hi Michael

I did have an opportunity to listen to the CD-rom.  I played it on the MP3 player in my car.  The interview was spectacular.  I've listened to many interviews through the years that offer some insight but little if any actual workable knowledge.  Your interview gave me so much info I needed to listen to it again at home and take notes!  I look forward to the next offering.

Dan Maiers

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Let Me Make Your Audio Program "Wicked..."


You have provided some AWESOME value on this website.  The audio clips are jammed packed with WICKED stories of some of the great minds in business. 

Thanks for your time and valuable products!!


You'll be doing the greatest service to your clients...

They'll Call Your Audio Program "Fantastic, Superb, Awesome, Edgey, State Of The Art..."

Hey Michael,

It was nice speaking with you on the phone the other day and I appreciate your time and your inspiration. Your collection  of audios on this CD is FANTASTIC, SUPERB, AWESOME, EDGEY, STATE OF THE ART...I cannot complement you enough about them.  I have not had the time of course to go thru all of them, but have perused several. 

When is Volume 2 coming out...how about Volume 3?  I'm not excited am I?  Keep up the good work Michael.  You are a refreshing find on the marketing/advertising circuit.

Tony Calvert

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A Penetrating Way To Unravel The Secrets Of The Successful


I'm most impressed with your shear volume of free audio info. You are a breath of fresh air in a world packed with rip off artists and rehashed nonsense. As a trained interviewer (former newspaper man), I love to hear the real, unrehearsed stories of your guests. What a penetrating way to unravel the secrets of the successful. Keep them coming.

Larry Kiedrowski

Imagine the increased word of mouth sales when....

They Call Your Audio Program "Pure Gold"...

Michael this CD of yours is Pure Gold.  In my 10 years of being involved in marketing, I don't know if I've seen a better resource. My hat goes off to you. Every time I listen to this CD, I get another business idea.  You have out done yourself. 

I can't believe you've got more to come.  I can't imagine what volume two will be like.  Keep up the good work Michael, you've got a real winner on your hand.

Al Robinson

I'll help you...

"Speak Openly And At Length" On Your Niche Topic...
And Cash In...

Hello Michael,


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the CD ROM you sent me, with over 61 hours of audio clips, is an incredible tool for anybody who wants to get the edge on there competitor. I was most impressed with the diversity of subjects that were covered on the CD.

One more thing I found impressive was the amount of time you took to let the people speak without just splicing a few blurbs together. Mr. X is just one example of this, It's a pleasure to here someone of his caliber speak so openly and at length. Please keep  up the tremendous service you are providing to everyone and I look forward to the future volumes you produce.

Thank you for everything,

Anthony G., Macomb, MI

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"Striking Gold" With Your Audio Program...


Finding your site was like striking gold! The information I gained from your web site and the audio interviews you provide are priceless. I have never seen anything like this anywhere, and I am online about 16 hours a day.  Great job, young man.

Michael Dixon

Would you like your clients to rave about your...

"Great, Excellent, Phenomenal" Audio Program...


I am listening to your interviews at the moment and I have to tell you that some of them are great, some of them are excellent and some of them are phenomenal !
Hats off to you ! What a great idea you had both with the seminars and with the interviews !

Oldrich Kachyna
Zerotinovo nam.204
Velke Bilovice
691 02
Czech republic
tel/fax : +420 519 346452
mobile  : +420 728117970

Imagine having your clients telling you to charge at least $500 for ONE CD...

"No Other Place" You Can Get This Advice...


You should be charging at least $500.00 dollars for this CD. There is so much information it that you would need  6 months to go through and listen to all the good information ideas. There is not any were on the web or any other place were you can get the advice of the people you interview...

 Thanks Michael,
 John Strange

Will they call...

Your Audio Program A "Classic" "Must Have..."

Listening to Jay Abraham or reading Jay's ideas on marketing is great -- Michael has taken this to a whole new level -- giving example after example after example of how Jay's ideas can be put into action. Michael has painstakingly taken on the arduous task of interviewing successful individuals  from various business backgrounds and pointedly asking them *how* they did it.

Finally, you can hear and read how *real* people are using Jay's ideas. Suddenly Jay's "good ideas" become both useful and feasible. Hats off to Michael for this CD which is destined to become a classic and a must have for any entrepreneur.

Leonard Manion
Profit Consultant (Ret)

Do they call you "brilliant"?  A "genius"?...They will after my series of interviews to create your audio program...

"It Was As If You Had ESP..."

Hi Michael,

I received your CD in the mail about 4 days ago.  To sum it up in one word:  Brilliant

You are a genius.  I found myself time after time listening to the recordings wanting to ask specific questions and (this is no joke), it was as if you had ESP, you asked them for me.

Seriously, Michael, this CD is priceless.

I've heard other people interview successful people, but you go beyond that
and delve further and further into the mechanics of how people got where
they are.

Keep up the brilliant work.  

Keep in touch,
Jonathan Zilberman

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