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To Download your full website template package
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These website templates will help you get a professional looking website up and running fast.  

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Web design Andrew Cavanagh
Hi I'm Andrew Cavanagh,

I've made a very good living writing online copy for some of the world's leading internet marketers.

I also appear regularly on over 40 radio stations across Australia and I've sold my own health products and programs online as an auxillary business to those radio appearances for many years...

But my whole view of selling from my website was rocked when I discovered a little known audio recording from the "secret weapon" of web design Dave Mizrachi.

Dave has designed websites from some of the world's leading internet marketers including Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Mark Joyner, Jeff Walker, Jo Han Mok, Ewen Chia, Anthony Blake, Brian Keith Voiles, Lee Benson, Jim Daniels, Frank Garon and more...

As I listened in to this information packed recording I was SHOCKED at 
how much money I was throwing away with simple, basic mistakes in my web design.

Mistakes That Seem So Obvious
To Me Now...

Mistakes you're making with your website that cost you sales every time someone comes to your site.

And over the course of a year all those lost sales add up to a small fortune - or even a LARGE fortune.

Did you know that a few small design tweaks on your website could increase your profits so much over a year you could buy a new car or even a new house?

I know it sounds outlandish but it's true.  

Read what Lee Benson has says about his astonishing increase in turnover after employing the services of this website design genius...

"Website Design Worth Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars..."

lee benson web site design

"Dave, I just wanted to thank you for managing our recent design project over at  Thanks to the excellent design your team created for me, my sales have soared by over 15 new subscriptions per day.

"This design alone will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars and you're a massive  part of that success.

"I avidly recommend your design services to anyone who needs them - which is almost anyone who does business online.

- Lee Benson
Founder, Elite Inner Circle

Now to hire Dave Mizrachi is not cheap but you can do the next best thing...

You can discover all his most closely guarded web design secrets in a powerful two hour audio you can download and listen to just minutes from now.

In this underground two hour audio recording you'll discover how to create a website that's so mezmerizing it compels visitors to buy what you're selling -- and convert 5%, 10% -- even 20% or more of your website visitors into paying customers...

...Almost regardless of how well you can or can't write copy...

Here's a sneak preview of some of the tips you'll discover...

  • How to dramatically boost your website's conversion rate -- and turn more of your visitors into customers using a simple web design model that's proven to work online... 

  • How to take a lackluster website with a low conversion rate, apply a few response boosting design tricks and turn your website into an online money making machine...

  • How to use a clever, but innocent-looking response boosting design trick in the first paragraph of your copy to instantly get your readers "sucked into" your sales copy -- and become mesmerized by your websites copy...

  • Dave showcase's his best-performing websites, and dissect them -- revealing every response boosting design trick and strategy that goes into creating a website than really sells...
All proven money making websites Dave has helped SUPERCHARGE with his amazing sales creating web design.

You can use Dave's design secrets to power your website conversion just like F J Shark at

"Over $10,000 In Sales In Just 4 Days From A $27 Ebook..."

"When it was time to re-launch my 12 year old paper back book How to be the Jerk Women Love as a 2nd edition eBook, the name I kept hearing from all of the big internet marketing gurus for web design was Dave Mizrachi."

"I went through 4 different web designers who either made me feel like I was not worth their time or just had no concept of marketing on the internet.

"One by one, I fired them all and wound up contacting Dave Mizrachi.

"This decision was the pivot point in making my website take in over $10,000 in sales on a $27 ebook in the first week it was launched.

"One technique Dave suggested made us hit the $10,000 point on the 4th day - all thanks to his suggestions..."

F.J. Shark
"How to be the Jerk Women Love"

And this is just the beginning.  In your two hour recording you'll also discover...
  • How Dave uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategically throughout a website to enhance the persuasiveness of sales copy. Dave will show you you a sneaky way to use NLP to "fly under the radar" of your readers' conscious mind -- without making your copy appear obviously 'enhanced'...

  • The rule of 1=1 -- If you do nothing else but follow this rule -- you'll dramatically boost the profitability of any website you own

  • How to use a simple, but often overlooked response boosting design trick on your order page to multiply your sales exponentially...

  • An order page template you can ethically steal from Dave... This will slash 90% off your web design time...
And there's more including...

“The Top 3 Blunders
You Can Make Creating Your Direct
Response Website...

These deadly mistakes can annihilate nearly all your potential sales and profits...

Once you know where nearly EVERYONE is screwing up with their website design you'll
dramatically decrease your learning curve and avoid common mistakes which would take you years to figure out...

  • The exact colors that consistently and predictably outperform all others time and time again...

  • A simple trick you can use in the first fold of your website to stop your visitors dead in their tracks and make them read every word of your copy...

  • Why you should NEVER insert graphics at the top of your website - 99% of marketing websites violate this rule and it costs them a boatload of sales...

Best of all these aren't just empty theories.

The insider secrets revealed in this audio have been subjected to the fire of real world  testing.

Each element has been been tested over and over and shown repeatedly to create more sales.

And that means more sales and more profits for you.

More money you can put into your pocket simply by making a few changes on your website.

Like Greg Heslin of

"My Conversion Rate Has Been Off The Chart..."

greg heslin

"I have NEVER worked with a designer, who hit it out of the park on the first try! Simply put, you are a proven expert on web design for people who want to sell products, programs and services on the Internet.

"During my initial tests conversions were at 4.5%!

My conversion rate has been off the chart! That is not hype. That is the truth! The value you provide for your price is incredible!"

- Greg Heslin

Now here's the question I wanted an answer to...

If Dave Mizrachi's web design strategies are so effective why would he reveal all of his best kept secrets to me?

There are two reasons...

First w
hen he started online, back in 1999 - at the age of 24, knowing nothing or no one, he'd visit message boards and no one would help him.

He'd get people occasionally replying to his posts, "Offering" to give telling him to buy products through their affiliate links.

It was then he decided when he "made it" online, he'd make sure to give back to others.

After 7 years, he's finally ready to teach you what he knows about how to make YOUR website sell using his response boosting design tricks.

Second Dave Is
Quitting The Web Design

Recently his father was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer and this became a turning point in Dave's life.

Here's how Dave puts it in his own words...

"I realized that the most important thing in life, for me, is spending time with family and friends. I don't know whats going to happen with my father, but I want to enjoy whatever time I have with him... and while I love designing direct response websites, I'm going to quit soon so I have more time to spend with my father..."

So Dave doesn't hold back in this historic recording with interviewers Michel Fortin and Andrew Fox.

He has nothing to lose by spilling the beans on all his hard won insider design secrets.

And To Prove this Recording
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1. Your full MP3 recording of the call.  This call lasts two full hours and is jam-packed with over 50 response boosting design tricks you can use to make your website sell. ($297 value)

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make my website sell

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Before you start building your web page or write a single word for your online sales letter this 59 minute audio and pdf companion report from two of the online world's hottest copywriters is a must-listen.  Includes 11 simple ways to find cashed-up prospects ready to buy on the internet...

2 Four Laws Of Conversion $197-00 Value
Alex Mandossian and Stephen Pierce reveal the four biggest keys to turning your website visitors into cash profits.  This audio with full pdf transcripts is packed with proven tips, tactics and strategies that will revolutionize the way you design your website for maximum sales...

3 Twenty-One Web Copy Secrets $97-00 Value
Alex Mandossian reveals 21 insider secrets he uses online to create powerful online copy and to multiply the sales and profits you can make from every sales and order page you have online.  This exe file comes complete with full transcripts and streaming audio...

4 Email List Building Videos $197-00 Value
This fantastic video course shows you how to build a 50,000 member double opt in list in just 90 days.  Hard-core proven methods from someone who's done it...

5 Autoresponder Magic With Resale Rights $495-00 Value
The "how-to" guide on creating a powerful series of follow up emails. Filled with proven email autoresponder campaigns from the heavy hitters online like Yanik Silver, Declan Dunn and Jim Daniels...

And that's just the beginning of this amazing Web Design package.  You'll also get immediate download links to...

6 Web Audio Plus Software With Resale Rights $197 Value
Instantly add audio to your site with this software.  No monthly fees and no extra software or programs needed.  This simple to use software is perfect for making short audio clips (complete with html code) to help sell your products or get your visitors to opt in.  And you can use this software on your desktop or laptop computer...

7 Skyrocket Your Sales With Website Audio $47-00 Value
Jim Edwards reveals his secret, proven formula for using audio on your site to increase your sales in this excellent 22 minute video...

8 Powerful Free HTML Editor $197-00 Value
Download link to a fantastic html editor (used to create this web page) you can download completely free.  You can pay $395 or more for a high quality html editor like this but I'll show you where to get this software completely free...

9 Order Page Magic With Resale Rights $27-00 Value
This easy-to-use software helps you create order pages with a series of proven selling elements...

10 Thirty-Five Customizable Header Graphics $297-00 Value
Using adobe photoshop software (you can download a free 30 day trial version online) you can customize these professional headers to suit your own websites.  Complete with step-by-step video tutorials and full resale rights!... 

11 Free Web Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth $150+ Value/Year
I'll reveal to you a little known site where you can get ad free, reliable web hosting with unlimited bandwith without paying a penny.  File size is limited to 300kb but with most sales letters you simply don't need files larger than 300kb and you can always host your files on their excellent paid service for as little as $3 a month!

You'll have every resource you need to create a powerful, money making website.

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Web design signature
Andrew Cavanagh - CEO

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"My profit has more than doubled since I used what I learned from you on my websites...And you made it so easy for me..."

Brad Dixon

"I Came Away From The Call With 50 Different Tips And Tricks..."

"I learned an incredible amount about direct marketing web design from these guys..."

"Not only did I come away from the call with about 50 different tips and tricks I could apply for free, right away, but I also started to think in new ways and make new connections."

"I now have a whole new awareness of direct marketing and just today I revisited all of my sites and saw exactly what I was doing wrong and thanks to these guys I know exactly how to fix it."

Vincent DiCarlo

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"It has truly been an explosive call tonight.  I so much enjoyed it and learned so much during the call I wish there were 42 hours in a day instead of 24 so I could implement more of your tips and tricks right away.

"You can bet that I will use my nights of insomnia to digest ideas to "make my website sell."

"Thanks so much for the down to earth, thorough, professional advice you shared during the call."

Marina Coertze

"The Call Was 99.99% Actionable Content..."

"Bottom line...amazing call, specific details, more content here than most products."

"Honestly I couldn't believe you gave so think...I was almost not going to attend since I'm getting a bit tired with all the teleseminars going on these days."

"The difference is that most of them are pitch-fests while yours was 99.99% actionable content.  Excellent.  *****5 Stars."

Fernando Cruz

"The Call Was AMAZING..."

"The call was amazing.  I profess myself to know a little about copywriting (I learned a few things from Michel Fortin) but to have some of these web site development techniques is very beneficial."

"I took 3 pages of notes!  I'm going to be implementing many of the ideas I learned in the call in the next few hours.  Thank you David Andrew, Michel and all others for an informative seminar."

Jennifer Herold

"The Best Teleseminar I Have Heard This Year..."

"Now I really know what to expect and design even before a website is made or produced.  The best teleseminar that I have ever heard this year.  Packed full of information in the 2 hour session."

"Our ecommerce website will be much more profitable because of this call."

Azlan and Irda

"One Of The Most Content Rich Teleseminars Ever..."

"Thank you so much for a great call.  It was one of the most content rich and useful teleseminars I have taken.  I have one of those pretty websites that was set up before I learned about making a website that really sells."

"I know that implementing even a few of the ideas you presented will make a huge difference in my website AND in my bank account.

"I look forward to learning more from you in the future."

Dr Fern Kazlow - founder Integrative Therapy
and Integrative Action™, NYC, 1981