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Dan Kennedy
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In this FREE streaming video Dan Kennedy
reveals the secrets of information marketing
TV infomercials, his Magnetic Marketing
system and more. Watch the full 81 minute video right here on this page.

Dan Kennedy FREE Video Below...

In this 81 minute video Dan Kennedy reveals a whole pile of insider information marketing secrets including:

  • Why you must understand the concept of "message to market match" if you want to make money selling information products without spending a fortune getting to a hungry market...
  • The vital importance of free bonuses to drive your offers and the simple way to be sure your offers are hitting your prospects' hot buttons...
  • The secrets of the HUGE television infomercial market and catalogue markets...

This is a brilliant seminar for any copywriter, business owner or marketing student...

If you present live seminars this is a brilliant example from Dan Kennedy of how to set up a pitch from the stage by providing high quality content.

You'll also see how a master puts together a pitch for a program into a live presentation

If you'd like to download Dan Kennedy's live Magnetic Marketing seminar completely free go to...
Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing FREE

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