The Copywriting Clients You Don't Need

Some people ask me why I avoid corporate copywriting clients.

First I tell them that I'm not your average copywriter and I prefer to deal directly with the person who makes decisions.

But a more accurate description would be that I can't stand the whole "copywriting by committee" approach that things degenerate into in large corporations.

Everyone seems to have an opinion (nearly always unqualified) and you usually end up with a great piece of copy reduced to a pile of crap after trying to appease the legal department and everyone up and down the chain of command.

For a hilarious look at how this works watch this 4 minute video on copy by committee...

The bottom line is I want my sales letters to convert the maximum number of prospects into buyers and that's just not possible when you have a whole pile of unqualified (or worse still half-qualified) people adding their opinions and ideas.

Think about it this way...

A sales letter is salesmanship in print or salesmanship online.

Can you imagine trying to go and sell someone a product and taking half a dozen people with you...everyone interjecting in the middle of the sales presentation with another great idea or insight?

Do you really think that would work?

I know it doesn't work because I've been a sales trainer and had to tell the people I was training to just shut up and listen through the whole presentation.

Every word of a sales presentation and every answer is finely crafted and a single word in the wrong place can be amazingly destructive.

You need one sales letter written by one copywriter with one style.

That will usually get you the best response.

Does that mean you should be closed to ideas and suggestions?

Definitely not...but as the copywriter YOU make the final decisions on the sales copy.

When you have a whole pile of people who are convinced their ideas are critically important and should be added in and have some kind of power in forcing you to make changes then you're headed for trouble.

Copy by committee doesn't work and if clients start trying to use this method to change your sales copy it's best just to walk away.

They'll be throwing away their money on the finished sales letter anyway.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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