Andrew Cavanagh: A Marketing Great

In the report Offline Gold: How The US Government Will Book Your Clients For You marketing consultant David Preston labeled me (Andrew Cavanagh) as "one of the marketing greats".

David also said: "There are many, many methods you can use to bring new clients to you. Andrew Cavanagh and Willie Crawford are two of the best there are in that arena."

"Everything you need to generate six figures is in the Offline Gold package."

"It's a straightforward workable approach that works well IF you start it."

Clearly David Preston is a genius but my wife isn't too keen on his analysis and here's why:

As soon as I read about how I was now a "marketing great" I told my wife that she should bow down to me and grovel at my feet (strangely she refused).

I also pointed out that with my newfound marketing greatness I would no longer have to work.

I could just lie around the house surfing the internet and play table tennis at the local club whenever I felt like it.

Her comment was "So how is that different to what you do now?"

I get no respect in my own home I tell ya. No respect at all.

But I got to thinking about that title "marketing great" and I think I should tell you a few secrets I discovered many, many years ago hanging out with guys who were considered "gurus" or had achieved a certain level of fame and prominence.

1. At their core everyone is just an ordinary person with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Many of the people you're mentally putting on a pedestal could actually have LESS skill and talent than you.

They're just further along and have taken more action that's led to a successful result than you have.

Realizing this can boost your confidence enormously if you're stuck in the "guru trap" of following someone's advice without ever applying your own intelligence, ingenuity and judgment.

2. We have a tendency to make assumptions about the income and net worth of people based on their prominence. That's a big mistake.

The "copywriting great" Gary Halbert spent much of his life periodically broke mainly because he spent his money so fast.

Legend has it that at one time Gary managed to spend $20 million in just 2 years to get himself back to broke again.

Your net worth and income rely on a whole pile of factors and many can have nothing to do with business.

The problem is with the thinking "if only I was at his level then I'd be rich and happy".

Most people who've achieved "extraordinary success" will tell you (if they're being dead honest) that wealth and success sneak up on you gradually and when you get there your personal experience is not hugely different.

You wake up, you eat (hopefully), you work, you play (hopefully), you sleep.

Forget about the fantasy that someone has a better life than you and start setting yourself some personal income and lifestyle goals.

Goals that will suit you.

Decide what kind of lifestyle you want how much money you need to earn to make it and how many hours you want to work to make it.

Leave yourself time for your family and your children. Time for the things you like to do that make your life fulfilling.

And remember above all remember that the only life that is truly fulfilling is a life of service to others.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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