A Powerful Offline Free Trial Offer

In the city where I live there's a very successful privately owned menswear store.

This store has been in business several decades and while he does have several staff the owner is still personally involved in running it and dealing with his clients.

Recently I was in this store and I overheard the owner talking to one of his male customers and his wife.

The gentleman was trying on shirts and saying "Julie's been telling me I have to come in and get some trendy shirts."

The store owners reply to this was pure gold so pay attention.

He said "Any time Julie wants to take half a dozen shirts home with her for you to try on she's very welcome."

Listening to a successful business owner who's been trading for longer than most internet marketers have been alive can give you some amazing gems.

This store owner knew his market.

He knew that most of his best clients weren't men but the WIVES of men.

In the city where I live most guys are happy to wonder around in shorts with the backsides falling out of them and shirts with grease stains and holes everywhere (I'm not joking. We're VERY laid back here in the tropics).

Astonishingly our wives and partners aren't so eager to embrace this laid back tropical look.

So we're constantly being dragged into one clothing store after another.

And most guys where I live really HATE trying on clothes.

We hate the embarrassing exercise of undressing then putting on the "latest fashion" and parading yourself in front of your spouse and a female sales assistant (with her vacant stares and empty assurances that the shirt you're trying on looks fantastic even though you're certain it would make even Brad Pitt look like an idiot).

And we hate even more that after this whole humiliating experience we know we're going to be out some serious money for clothing we're really only buying to keep a spouse happy.

Now let's compare that to my wife bringing home half a dozen shirts from the menswear store.

She says "When you get a chance you should try on these shirts Bruce at the menswear let me bring home for you."

I get to try on the shirts in the privacy of my bedroom.

I can show them to my wife without feeling like an idiot.

And I have all the time in the world. I'm at home. I don't need to make an appointment or get back to work or pick up the kids in 15 minutes.

I'm far more likely to fall in love with 3 or 4 shirts.

And the very savvy owner of that menswear store is far more likely to make a whole lot more money off me AND keep me as a loyal client for many years to come.

How does this relate to your business or the sales copy you're writing?

It's simple.

First the shirts are a "free trial" offer.

Offering free trials or samples is a very powerful way to overcome objections to buying. You bypass them altogether by just giving your prospect free use of the product for a defined period of time.

Car salesmen sometimes use this technique.

They let you try out a new car for a week to see if it's right for you.

After a week of driving around in "your" new car you get attached to it's features and benefits.

You really don't want to go back to your old worn out car.

Obviously you want to prequalify prospects if you're giving expensive test samples like a new car or half a dozen shirts worth over $500.

You may have heard of the 80/20 rule of business where 80% of your profits come from just 20% of your clients.

Being aware of who your best clients are (and who you can trust) and providing them with special trials and offers like the "trial shirt" offer or the "trial car" offer can multiply your profits fast.

But even more important than the trial offer is the deep understanding that went behind the offer.

The owner of this menswear store had thought through who his prospects were, what their buying experience was like, how they felt during that whole experience...

And he found a way to make that whole experience far more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The wife gets to shop in his store and pick the clothes she thinks will work for her husband. I know it's a cliche but women love shopping.

The husband gets to try on the clothes in the comfort of his own home.

And there's no risk for them. If they don't like the clothes the wife just drops them back into the store.

The questions you want to ask yourself: "What is my prospect's experience like buying my product or service?"

"What can I do to improve that experience?"

"What can I do to make that whole buying experience a pleasure instead of an ordeal?"

"How can I make it dead easy for my prospect to make that critical buying decision?"

The answers to these questions can give you valuable ideas you can test to improve the way you deal with prospects and clients.

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