Dan Kennedy Video Guarantee

In this video you'll see a great example of a guarantee delivered from stage by marketing expert and legendary copywriter Dan Kennedy.

Dan offers a two part guarantee:

1. A 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.

2. A 12 month money back guarantee if you implement at least 3 things you learn and it doesn't make you back at least 10 times the price of the product.

Notice how he's transparent with his business figures.

He tells you only 6% of his clients ever ask for a guarantee and you have a 94% chance of getting real value, becoming a long term client, inner circle member etc etc.

Also notice the low key, fact based nature in Dan Kennedy's delivery of this guarantee (video runs for 2 minutes and 21 seconds)...

One of the biggest secrets to guarantees is that when you give a longer guarantee you often get LESS refunds.

And longer refunds usually bring in more sales because they build more trust.

Why do longer guarantees often result in less refunds?

If you only give your clients 2 weeks to get their money back when they buy from you they feel pressured to make an immediate decision..."should I ask for my money back now or keep this product?"

"I've got less than 14 days to make a decision."

If you give your prospect 3 months that takes a lot of the time pressure off.

And if you give them a year they feel no real time pressure.

They look at your product at their leisure and even if they don't like it often they'll just forget about it...knowing they have plenty of time to ask for a refund...and never get around to it.

Longer refunds are usually a better option for both your clients and your business.

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