Multiply The Impact Of Your Sales Message

Here's a secret that will massively increase the dramatic impact of your sales message.

If you were selling a waterproof, shock resistant watch you could write pages and pages about how the watch has a special seal, how the internal workings are specially cushioned so they can withstand being dropped or banged up against heavy objects.

Or you could strap the watch on to the underbelly of a speed boat and run it at maximum speed through heavy chop...

And film the whole thing (watch this 1 minute video)...

The old slogan for Timex watches was "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking".

Which really doesn't mean much until you see the watch smashed in surf by a speed boat or shot on the end of an arrow through a pane of glass and into a tank of water.

The secret it to SHOW that your product does exactly what you claim it can do in the most exciting way possible.

That's proof your prospect can see with his own eyes.

A great demonstration is engaging, intriguing, draws your prospect in.

And it can create a buzz...."Did you see what those guys did with a Timex strapping it onto the front of a speed boat and smashing it around in the surf?"

You can use this principle with information products, software and nearly any other product you can imagine.

It just takes a little creativity.

Ask yourself "How can I dramatize what this product will do for my prospects?"

I've seen SEO blog expert Tinu Abayomi Paul proving the information in her book would help anyone starting from scratch get multiple first page rankings in Google and Yahoo.

How did she do it?

She started from scratch with a completely new blog and step by step, following the instructions in her ebook she built that blog...and got multiple first page rankings on Google and Yahoo.

And she recorded everything on video!

If you say your software is so simple a 10 year old girl could use it that's simple enough to prove isn't it?

And it makes great video, photos etc for your sales copy and all your sales promotions.

Don't just tell me how your product will make a difference in my life...SHOW me.


As Dale Carnegie says in Part 3 Chapter 11 of How To Win Friends and Influence People...

The movies do it. Radio does it. Why don't you do it?

If you want to win people to your way of thinking (and compel them to buy from you) DRAMATIZE your ideas.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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