Jay Abraham Luger Salesletter: 20% Response

Jay Abraham says the following sales letter for Investment Rarities is one of the best he has ever seen with a 20% response rate.

It is a fascinating piece of marketing selling Luger handguns as an investment to prospects and clients who normally bought securities like coins, silver and gold.

Reading the beginning of this ad can reveal a whole pile of secrets about how to build proof and credibility.

Keep in mind as you read...the prospect is being convinced to buy handguns...as an investment.

From 1975 - 1980 What Single Investment Appreciated
Approximately 450% Greater
Than Bonds
...398% Higher Than Stocks...
175% Better Than Houses And 74% Greater Than Diamonds?!!

(The Answer Below May Surprise You)

The Luger WWII Military S/42 handgun is one of the growing number of collector worthy firearms gaining investor attention lately.

Investment-grade firearms have produced a strong appreciation record for over three decades. Of course, not all firearms did as well as the Luger. But most top grade investment guns outperformed nearly every other "traditional" investment during the past five years.

By a very big margin.

Let's be more precise. Let's take a careful look at the Luger WWII S/42 - a desirable investment gun, though far from the most coveted.

The Luger WWII Military S/42 is a fascinating investment to study.

Look at how it appreciated over the last five years (ending June 1980) against some other spectacular investments.

Gold, for example, produced a dazzling rate of compound return of 28.4% per year. Yet the Luger S/42 outproduced gold by 12%. It outperformed silver by 17%. And that same Luger's compound annual rate of return "sailed" past U.S. rare coins by 46%.

But that's nothing compared to how the Luger S/42 outpaced more conservative investments.

We all know that oil (Saudi Arabian Light) compounded at a rate of nearly 18% a year. The Luger S/42 outpaced oil by 80% in the same five year period.

Do you think diamonds showed outstanding compound growth from 1975-1980? The Luger outperformed diamonds by 74%.

That same gun outperformed the compound rate of return of U.S. farm land on average by 138% and housing by 175%. It even outperformed the consumer price index by 258% while "beating the pants" off the "S&P 500" by more than 398%.

The biggest coup of all is how well the Luger did against bonds (Salomon Brothers Bond Index)...exceeding bonds compound rate of return by an awesome 450%!

But what about the liquidity of guns? Again let's use the Luger WWII Military S/42 as a reference example only.

Currently based on the time it would take to sell at close to market value, the Luger S/42 is probably more liquid than real estate and more liquid than diamonds.

Andrew's Comment:
Note how the Luger handgun is compared to prime, high quality investments...gold, silver, diamonds, farm land, housing, stocks AND bonds.

And it comes out with superior performance every time.

By association it makes a handgun seem like a more secure, higher performing investment than all of these regular, stable investments.

VERY clever copy indeed.

Let's continue with the rest of the copy where even more credibility is given to these amazing claims and a few major objections are answered...

Where did we get this comparative data? From two reliable sources. First Salomon Brothers June 1980 study of investments five year compound annual rate of return. Second, the Fain Blue Book of Firearms Price Values, considered by many the most definitive gauge of gun values in America today.

So you may be impressed with the appreciation potential as well as the liquidity of investment guns - but what if you're afraid of guns?

All the better really.

A collector gun that has never been fired - or has been minimally fired (referred to by collectors as the amount of original "blueing remaining") - is worth many times more than the same gun that's been regularly used.

You can quite literally buy the gun, put it in your safe deposit box or lock it away in the attic or basement and its investment potential will probably grow more than if you fired it.

Finally - there are nearly 300 types of collector-worthy guns you could invest in. Many for as little as $650 or less.

Would you like to know more about collecting guns? If the answer is "yes" we'd like to send you two valuable collections of material.

The first is a profit-provoking booklet titled "What Every Gun Owner Should Know About The Gun-Trading Business". The other is a five year history of the eye-popping appreciation growth of 30 well known collector guns.

We'd also like to send you a copy of our latest inventory of collector guns in the $200-$15,000 price range.

As the nation's largest dealer in hard assets - and one of the oldest - Investment Rarities has become a definitive source for high grade, high quality investment guns at competitive collector prices.

Our knowledgeable weapons specialists not only offer expert advice you can trust - they answer your most probing questions about grading methods, availability and pricing in the most straightforward manner possible.

If you never before realized how guns may be used as a long-term capital appreciating investment form - I encourage you to send for this provocative material.

There is no charge for requesting it. Nor is there any obligation to purchase a gun.

Simply return the enclosed card. Or call us toll free at 1-800-328-1860. We will send you complete information on gun investing.

Very Truly Yours,
Bart Briefstein
Sales Manager

P.S. Remember - guns have been a proven winner for years. Find out if they have a place in your investment portfolio.

There's so much going on in this copy...so many objections answered in such a low key, well engineered way.

I also love the "future pacing"...putting the prospect in the mindset that he's already bought a gun and all he has to do is "put it in your safe deposit box or lock it away in the attic or basement and its investment potential will probably grow more than if you fired it."

Also notice how there's no attempt made to sell a gun immediately...the sales letter sells the next step of more education...a free booklet, a five year history of the gun market and an inventory of guns for sale.

The writer knows it's a big stretch to get a regular investor to go out on a limb and invest in a handgun or a portfolio of handguns so he sells further free, no obligation education...a chance to do multi step marketing.

Sales letters that pull a 20% response rate are especially rare and this is a truly exceptional sales letter well worth reading over and over.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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