Bruce Barton's Original "Wall Street Journal" Letter

Few people know that the very famous Wall Street Journal letter that ran as a control for over 20 years was actually swiped.

Below is a copy of the original letter written by copywriting and advertising pioneer Bruce Barton in 1919.

This original sales letter was promoting the Alexander Hamilton Institute's Modern Business Course...

The Story Of Two Men Who Fought
In The Civil War

From a certain little town in Massachusetts two men went to the Civil War. Each of them had enjoyed the same educational advantages, and so far as anyone could judge, their prospects for success were equally good.

One man accumulated a fortune. The other spent his last years almost entirely dependent on his children for support.

He has "had hard luck" the town explained. He "never seemed to catch hold after the war."

But the other man did not "lose his grip." He seemed to experience no difficulty in "catching hold" after the war.

The differences in the two men was not a difference of capacity but a difference in decision. One man saw the after-the-war tide of expansion, trained himself for executive opportunity and so swam with the tide. The other merely drifted.

The history of these two men will be repeated in hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few months.

After Every War Come The Great
Successes - And Great Failures

Is your future worth half an hour's serious thought? If it is then take down a history of the United States. You will discover this unmistakable truth:

Opportunity does not flow in a steady stream like a river - it comes and goes in great tides.

There was a high tide after the Civil War; and then came the panic of 1907.

There is a high tide now; and those who seize it need not fear what may happen when the tide recedes. The wisest men in this country are now putting themselves beyond the reach of fear - into the executive positions that are indispensable.

Weak Men Go Down In Critical Years
- Strong Men Grow Stronger

If you are in your twenties or your thirties or your early forties there probably never will be another such critical year for you as this year 1919.

Looking back on it ten years hence you will say: "That was the turning point."

Thousands of the wise and thoughtful men of this country have anticipated the coming of this period and prepared for it.

They have trained themselves for positions which business cannot do without, through the Alexander Hamilton Institute's Modern business course and service.

The Institute is THE American Institution which has proved its power to lift men into higher executive positions.

These Men Have Already Decided
To Go Forward

Among the 75,000 men enrolled in the Institute's Course 13,534 are presidents of corporations; 2,826 are vice presidents; 5,372 are secretaries; 2,652 treasurers; 11,260 managers; 2,626 sales managers; 2,876 accountants, according to figures compiled a year ago.

Men like these have proved the Institute's power: E.R. Behrend, President of the Hammermill Paper Company; N.A. Hawkins Manager of Sales, Ford Motor Co.; William D'Arcy, President of the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World; Melville W. Mix, President of the Dodge Manufacturing Company and scores of others.

Men who have trained themselves to seize opportunity, will make these after-war years count tremendously.

You too can make them count for you.

Send for this book. There is a Vision in it For You Of Your Future.

To meet the needs of thoughtful men, the Alexander Hamilton Institute has published a 112-page book "Forging Ahead In Business." It is free; the coupon will bring it to you.

Send for your copy of "Forging Ahead In Business" now, while your mind is on it. You could not seize the chance that came after '65 or '98. But it will be your fault if ten years from now you say: "I could have gone on to success with 75,000 others and I did not even investigate."

Fill in the coupon and mail.

Notice the powerful proof in this copy.

Barton talks about 75,000 men who have enrolled in the Institute's course talks about the positions each has ended up in and then talks about 4 specific men...all now leaders of industry.

This builds proof 2 ways:

First 75,000 men...that is a ton of people. With so many men taking the course it must be good...or at least that's the way many prospects think.

We all have a tendency to feel more secure following the crowd.

Second mentioning real graduates in real positions that can be verified is a huge builder of credibility.

Then there's the call to action.

Barton plays on his prospects' fear of missing out...being left others were in '65 and '98 after previous wars.

And he ties this fear directly into a promise of success and the need to order the Institute's free book now.

This is an exceptional piece of sales copy and all the more impressive when you consider it was written before the real profession of copywriting became honed and refined.

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