Ted Nicholas Famous Letters

I was just going through one of my swipe files and came across a couple of wonderful famous sales letters from the legendary Ted Nicholas.

If you don't know who he is (shame on you if you're a copywriter) Ted Nicholas has sold over $400 million dollars in products...mainly through direct response advertising.

And mainly selling information products.

Here are a couple of headlines from his ads for a Public Speaking course...

"How To Get Enthusiastic Applause -- Even A Standing Ovation -- Every Time You Speak!"


"Catapult Yourself To The Top - Become An Electrifying Public Speaker!"

But what I really love about both these HUGELY PROFITABLE ads is their opening lines.

The first ad opens with...

"Picture yourself enjoying the smiles and the pleased look of excitement on the faces of your audience. When you finish speaking you receive thunderous applause. Several in the audience stand. And then the entire crowd rises spontaneously to give you a standing ovation!"

Now THAT'S painting a picture that appeals to your prospect.

Brilliant "future pacing"...helping your prospect see the fantastic benefits he'll get when he uses your product.

And the opening for the second ad is just as brilliant...

"It's the call from hell: Your boss is on the line asking you to make a speech at an important business meeting. Here's your chance to shine and boost your career trajectory. But all you can think about is "crash and burn."

That's painting a picture too.

But this time Ted Nicholas is playing on the tremendous fear the average person has of public speaking.

That opening sentence reminds me of Drew Kaplan who wrote the copy for his DAK catalogue.

He would often open with VERY short sentences similar to "It's the call from hell:"

The advantage of short pithy sentences in your opening is that they're easy to read and your prospect is more likely to get drawn into your copy.

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Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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